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Dolphins’ DBs: You can recover

by Jermaine Lockett
Dolphins' DBs-youtube
Dolphins' DBs-youtube

Dolphins’ DBs-youtube

Dolphins’ DBs: You can recover

I feel this message needs to be delivered to the Miami Dolphins’ DBs. I’m sure the Cincinnati Bengals’ weapon of real estate destruction has destroyed confidence. AJ Green returned to dominance last night with 10-catches for 173-yards and a touchdown. Xavien Howard and Tony Lippett, this message is for you. Take the ropes off the ceiling fan and put the chairs away! It’s going to be ok. You’re not that terrible; AJ is just that great.

It’s not all your fault!

There were plenty of mistakes from the game to place blame all around the Dolphins. There were penalties and ineffectiveness from the offense as well as special teams that played into the loss. Just because the two of you got “Mossed” in a way that would leave me in the fetal position for weeks does not mean this game is all of you.

It’s fine! You’re a rookie!

In the military, the junior grade members get to rely on the excuse of “I’m just an Airman, Private, Seaman, etc.” when everything goes south. Howard, you are a rookie who gets a pass, especially against one of the best in the game. Pull yourself together, watch the game tape, learn from this experience and come back stronger. Of course, there is the 24-hour rule to get over a loss. I hope that this is enough time to deal with any PTSD issues that may arise from getting beasted on. Lippett, I have not forgotten about you, my friend.

Scrawny Tony

Tony, did you know that at 194-lbs, you are the fourth lightest player on the team? Dude, you are 6-3! How is it the kicker, Andrew Franks weighs more than you!? I am a fan of corners with size. Size, both height and weight attribute to the way you can engage a WR. In Green’s case, you have to have a good combo of size and speed to give him a tough time. Green managed to size you up upon stepping on the field and basically shrugged you off on his 7-yard scamper to paydirt. My advice to you is to simply EAT! Go to dinner with a big spoon young man. Don’t talk during the meal, just feed your face! Get your weight up and in the words of Olivia Newton-John, “Get Physical!”


Your job is to say hello to receivers at the snap and abruptly escort their posterior to the sideline. Additionally, you need to make them consider making a business decision when it comes to their next catch.

Ok, I’m done giving you what you should have gotten from Dolphins’ DBs’ Coach Lou Anarumo. Take the Couch Rider advice. Come back against the Tennessee Titans and do work!

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