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In my last two posts, yall lost your cookies about how I rated TEs and did not show Gronk the love, but you loved the RB post apparently. Thanks for the look. For those of you who did not read, here you go! As far as Gronk goes, this is not Madden, if you take a year off from the game and fluctuate weight more than a person with a lap band or thyroid issue, I have a problem giving you the top grade.

You have to earn it

There are people actually putting in work to prove they deserve the CRR honor. Moving on. Now it’s time to move on to my favorite skill position considering fantasy. Wide Receivers for some are extremely expendable week to week. However, if you choose a few rock stars out the gate while everyone is fighting over RBs, you may ride them to a couple of close victories.

People will hate this strategy but do it anyway

In year’s past, I managed to get D-hop (DeAndre Hopkins) in the first and win championships. Yes, I said plural. Sure, I surrounded my squad with plenty of other talent, but when you have a player who knocks out 10+ points per game, the consistency screams “take another shot at me”. I’ll talk more about him later, but let’s move on to the method to my madness.

I like looking at those total yard columns for end-of-year stats with receivers, but it is not my go-to. I don’t do PPR, but those who do, know exactly what I’m about to say.

Targets Targets Targets

There are deep-threats like DeSean Jackson that will fool any novice into thinking that their 10+ points came from high, consistent production throughout each game, but let’s be honest. It was probably off of 2 catches for 70-yards and TD. Hail to the “Julian Edelmans” of the world. Guys who get 8-catches for 70-yards and a TD per game. Sure they’re not getting the TD every game but even without it, you still get 15-points in PPR versus Jacksons 7 without paydirt.  I’m not saying draft Jules this year, but I am saying take a look at the targets column and line up your board up that way.


Can they stay on the field?

COVID-19 is a factor this season but I’ll try to stick to the regular injury script. Can your guy stay healthy? This is not a knock on Keenan Allen but if I have the choice between, a consistent healthy Cooper Kupp in later rounds or Keenan Allen early, I’m choosing Kupp. As I have said before, I avoid players within 1-year post signing a deal. I usually see a drop in production or an injury on the way. Am I going to avoid Pat Mahomes should he be on the board when the time comes? Nope. But in general, these are the guys I consistently avoid: Julio Jones, Amari Cooper & AJ Green.

OK, OK, OK! I’ll give you what you came here for.

Here are my guys my top 10 Fantasy WRs for 2020

1. Michael Thomas

Was there any question here? This guy beat all other players in targets in 2019 by 28. If it ain’t broke… right? Emmanuel Sanders will open things up even more in NO now that he has joined the squad. ADP – 4TH Overall

2. Tyreek Hill

Speed, speed, speed kills what this Super Bowl Champion can do in space is crazy! He’s not just a deep-threat. When healthy, this guy is an all-out nightmare! Reek bust out 130 points on the season (10+ per game). ADP – 1ST Round (backend)

3. DaVante Adams

He is coming off of a toe injury from 2019, but the guy averaged 20 PPR points per game for the last two seasons. He is about to go HAM with A-A-Ron Rodgers on tilt after his eventual replacement was drafted this year. ADP – 1ST Round (Middle)

4. Julio Jones

I know what I said earlier, but if this guy is hanging around on the board by the end or middle of round 2, I have to take the gamble. He’s explosive, and there is a ton of risk-reward. 1st -2nd round

5. DeAndre Hopkins

Nuke is just that guy! In 2019 he had 150 targets and still knocked out 10+ FPS per game. Yes, he has a different QB, but he has always been able to produce, no matter who the signal-caller is. I would have him higher, but that very stat of different QB pushed him down a spot or two. Keep in mind if it were anyone else, they would be out of the top 5 more than likely. ADP – 1st Round (Backend)

6. A.J. Brown

This is my list! I’m telling you the way that this Tennessee Titan caught fire late in the year, I’m sure a second year of chemistry will point the numbers even higher in 2020. This guy will be the steal of the draft! ADP – 3rd round (backend)

7. Chris Godwin

With Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski taking over Tampa Bay, I am encouraged that his numbers may take a slight decline. Brady reads inside to out when throwing, but I imagine the connection he and Godwin will have equates to what Josh Gordon and Tom had in New England. He’s still a must-have if he’s on the board around the 2nd round. ADP – 2nd Round (early)

8. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

You play like you practice. Have you seen this guy’s offseason? Brown gained 23lbs of muscle while still maintaining his speed. The former Sooner racked up 7 TDs with a screw in his foot in 2019. Please believe this guy is out to shake up this whole list in 2021. PPR leagues get ready. When Lamar isn’t targeting his TEs, he’s tossing rocks to his bestie like they grew up 19 miles away from each other or something. ADP – 7th Round (early)

9. Keenan Allen

I have been a fan of this guy since he was drafted. He drew comparisons to Anquan Boldin back then, and I’d say now he is his own man! After totaling almost 1200-yards in 2019 with Philip Rivers, he’s still set to ball out with the new signal-caller whoever that may be. My money is on Tyrod Taylor. ADP – 4th Round (Early)

10. DJ Chark

This former LSU Tiger had a whopping 9-games with more than 7-targets in 2019. I know this because I picked him up off the waiver wire and balled out with the young fella. Topping the 1000-yard mark in only his second year, look for this Jaguar to climb the charts like a Ludacris album in the early 2000s. ADP – 4th Round (Middle)

You can hate me now…

I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and screaming Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, or Allen Robinson, but as I’ve said before. This is my list. If you’re upset, go sit in the corner until I’m done here. If you must know, Thielen was on my honorable mentions list. Here they are.

Honorable mention:

Adam Thielen

There is only one “Highlander” in Minnesota in the WR department. Adam is going to get a lot more work until Jefferson gets his footing in his rookie year.

Mike Evans

I’m just not a believer of Tom Brady outside and deep. That’s where Mike thrives.

Allen Robinson

Nick “BDN” Foles or Mitch “how’d I get this job” Trubisky is throwing this guy the ball. When they figure out that it should be Nick, maybe I’ll change this list around.

Tyler Boyd

AJ Green is back, but there is a rookie named Tee Higgins who could also eat into Tyler’s workload.

Diontae Johnson

The Steelers reload with WRs like no other team. Johnson had a solid rookie campaign and I am curious to see what he does next as long as it is not in weeks 7 and 11.

Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr.

Both Juice and Odell Beckham Jr. Would be stellar pickups beyond the 5th round. They both had over 130-targets and over 1000-yards receiving last season.


Snatching any of these guys up beyond round four or five would be nice. With the 6-10th pick in most fantasy drafts, I usually draft in this order:


1- WR or TE

2- RB

3- QB

4- TE

5- RB


I hope it helps. Good luck as you draft.

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