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    Eagles vs Giants Postgame Observations

    Eagles vs Giants Postgame Observations This seemed like a bounce-back game for the Philadelphia Eagles and a “Houston we have a problem” game for the New York Giants. Some things I...

  • Saquan Getty

    Will the ground game lead the G-men to victory?

    Will the ground game even be a factor tonight? Jermaine explains all in his latest in the Eagles vs Giants matchup.

  • NFL’s Best Triplets?

    The term “Triplets” aka Big 3 has been apart of sports for decades. When referencing triplets in the NFL, the Triple B’s from the Pittsburgh Steelers come to mind. Antonio Brown,...

  • Eagles post draft recap

    Eagles Draft Recap

    What happens after you win the Superbowl? You hit the reset button and figure out how you can do it again. Part of that process is the draft. How did the...

  • Draft Grades:First Round

    The most anticipated first-round draft in the past 5-10 years did not disappoint. There were highs, lows, & of course Roger Goddell getting booed!! A flurry of trades, surprises, steals, &...

  • needs for Philadelphia eagles

    Underrated Needs for the Philadelphia Eagles

    Underrated Needs for the Philadelphia Eagles It has been a magical season in Philadelphia. From underdogs to Top Dogs, the Eagles have finally gotten the Superbowl victory they have desperately fought...

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