Kansas City Chiefs

  • AFC Divisional Round

    AFC Divisional Round: Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs Preview

    Will we see a repeat of the events we saw in week 6 in the AFC Divisional Round? Keilan breaks it all down in his latest.

  • Carlos catching smoke

    Carlos Hyde: Catching Smoke From Chiefs Fans?

    Trash-talking fans are straight-up mean. But is there some truth to the statement of this one Chiefs' fan about the Texans run-game?

  • Averett vs Hardman Getty

    Is Anthony Averett the Key to Victory Sunday?

    Is Anthony Averett the Key to Victory Sunday? Lamar Jackson vs. Pat Mahomes is all the media is screaming about. These are two players who will never take the field at...

  • Damian’s NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    It is mock draft season for half of the teams in the NFL. Here is my unofficial first mock draft of the season. I will play General Manager for all 32...

  • NFL’s Best Triplets?

    The term “Triplets” aka Big 3 has been apart of sports for decades. When referencing triplets in the NFL, the Triple B’s from the Pittsburgh Steelers come to mind. Antonio Brown,...

  • Draft Grades:First Round

    The most anticipated first-round draft in the past 5-10 years did not disappoint. There were highs, lows, & of course Roger Goddell getting booed!! A flurry of trades, surprises, steals, &...

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