Baltimore Ravens

  • Damian’s NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    It is mock draft season for half of the teams in the NFL. Here is my unofficial first mock draft of the season. I will play General Manager for all 32...

  • Lamar vs joe Getty images

    Ravens Nation Split over QB Debate

    Social media is on fire and it's because there is trouble in Purple Paradise. Take a side Lamar or Joe! Choose or die! Or at least that's what it feels like....

  • 3 Qs for Ravens' O

    3 Qs for Ravens’ O on Sunday

    So much fire from fans this past week toward one guy but we know there are more questions looming concerning the Ravens' O. Jermaine explains all in his latest.

  • 49ers QB Flickr-Hatfield

    49ers’ QB answer on another roster?

    Is the answer to the 49ers' QB problem on the current roster or is it on another team around the league? Jermaine explains all in his latest.

  • Joe Flacco Getty

    Ok, OK! Joe Flacco looked OK

    Ok OK Joe Flacco did his thing! There I said it! See what else is said on the Broncos vs Ravens game. Jermaine explains all in his latest.

  • 2 ravens

    2 Ravens you should know about but don’t

    We've heard the QB drama, but let's talk about 2 players that are not the latest buzz. Here are 2 Ravens that made the team but still have an uphill battle.

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