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Ravens’ Offense All Around the Yard against Cleveland

by Jermaine Lockett
Getty Ravens

Ravens Spread Love All Around the Yard against Cleveland

I’m sure all this week, every news headline will talk about Lamar Jackson’s MVP encore. I am extremely excited and can’t wait to talk trash on the Facebook Trash talk pages about and fire back at this 0-2 hate I’ve been receiving from Cleveland Browns’ fans from all over. How will you root for a team that has missed the playoffs every year since 2002, not have a win since 1995, and still talks trash about a guy who is the league MVP and went to the playoff two years straight after winning the division 2 years straight? The logic of these clowns.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. I want to focus on the weapons surrounding Lamar that make his job easy. In an interview, once asked about no fans in the stands, the QB1 said,  “they would have to bring their own energy.” They surely did.  It felt like almost everyone ate against the Browns or atleast contributed. It’s all about the W in the end. However, let’s look at who did what today.

Mark Ingram

Mark did not have a day on the ground, but he neither did Lamar. Combined, the two managed only to get 74 yards against the Browns. I don’t think it’s going to trend, but it does raise an eyebrow when the MVP Hype man gets slowed up. Look for Mark and J.K. Dobbins to see an immense workload next week against the Houston Texans. They’ll see more than the 17 touches they saw today.


J.K. Dobbins

Can you say handcuff? Yes, I know everything doesn’t revolve around fantasy, but those rushing TDs that would usually be RPO with the QB sneaking out the back door to the house are now going to this little rookie. I’ll be ok in fantasy. Thanks for caring. Anyway, he’s making the most out of his touches and will continue to eat into touches for Mark and Gus going forward. 2 TDs in his debut. Eric DeCosta is a special kind of GM; he’s definitely better than yours.



Miles Boykin

Boykin may not have had the stat line to show, but he made a decent day out of what was put before him. Boykin had one drop in the RedZone that could’ve been placed better but still hit his hands. He could’ve run the route slightly more shallow, but it would’ve kept him out of the endzone if he would’ve caught the pass. Jackson has improved in his passing, which means more significant numbers for the former Notre Dame player. I predict Boykin gets his first TD of the season next week and has at least 40-yards receiving. It looks like Chuckie might be on to something here.


Willie Snead

Everybody needs a Snead! Well, just Lamar. The chemistry between these two is evident. Sure, Snead only went 4-4 for 64-yards and a 19-yard trip to paydirt, but it was nice to see Jackson in sync with the former New Orleans Saint. I can’t say everyone’s number will go up next game. I’d imagine his numbers going down slightly, but he makes a few plays to move the chains.


Marquise Brown

Hollywood hauled in a beautiful 47-yard bomb from Lamar and probably would’ve had another deep shot if the QB had set his feet instead of throwing on the run. We already know LJ and Brown have great chemistry. I look forward to seeing where those numbers go next week against a defense that allowed three passing TDs last this weekend against the Super Bowl Champs in the season debut. Jamison knows what’s up. Here’s a fun tidbit:

Mark Andrews

Number 3 TE in the league, my butt! This is what a top TE looks like. Sure, he’s a RedZone target that can’t be ignored, but how the beast does his business is exceptional. When I hear 1-handed catches, I expect to hear Odell Beckham Jr’s name ties to the comment, not a TE. The Ravens’ signal-caller could’ve made that TD a bit easier for him, but it is what it is. The 2019 TE TD leader still hauled the pass like a BOSS! Two TDs on the day put him at the top of his position in scores once again. Am I gushing because I have him on my fantasy football team too? Maybe. I look forward to seeing the #8 to #89 connection continue next week. Houston let Travis Kelce get the cookies once on Thursday. It’d be nice if they would allow it again come Sunday.

There are others in the mix that deserve credit like the entire offensive line, Patrick Ricard and Nick Boyle who are simply blue-collar grinders. They’re not flashy but they are essential.

Analysts have said that Lamar has no help surrounding him like Patrick Mahomes. I disagree to the fullest. These guys along with that hard-working line and Greg Roman help make the 2019 MVP special.


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