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  • Chark Thriller or Chiller Getty

    Is D.J. Chark Jr. Primed for a Big Week Two?

    Is D.J. Chark Jr. Primed for a Big Week Two? I love love LOVE my LSU WRs! I was also hoping the Baltimore Ravens were was able to pick up one...

  • Damian’s NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    It is mock draft season for half of the teams in the NFL. Here is my unofficial first mock draft of the season. I will play General Manager for all 32...

  • eagles-london

    Eagles Across the Pond Recap, Thoughts and Analysis

    A win is a win right? I'm sure there is something to be said about the win in London for the Eagles. Eugene can fill you in with this latest.

  • NFL’s Best Triplets?

    The term “Triplets” aka Big 3 has been apart of sports for decades. When referencing triplets in the NFL, the Triple B’s from the Pittsburgh Steelers come to mind. Antonio Brown,...

  • Draft Grades:First Round

    The most anticipated first-round draft in the past 5-10 years did not disappoint. There were highs, lows, & of course Roger Goddell getting booed!! A flurry of trades, surprises, steals, &...

  • Draft Picks Damian

    NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    Cleveland Browns (0-16) – Sam Darnold (USC) QB The Browns under former General Manager Sashi Brown passed quarterbacks such as Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and the list...

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