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2 Ravens you should know about but don’t

by Jermaine Lockett
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I’m so done with the Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco talk. It seems to be the only storyline the Baltimore Ravens have this year. I’ll be honest and say I’m team Lamar but unless a terrible season happens (which I hope does not happen) this is Joe Flacco’s team. Now that this is out the way, we can have a real discussion about 2 Ravens you may not know about coming into the season debut.

Future Star Safety?

Eric Weddle is the man right now in the Ravens’ secondary. “Thank you captain obvious!” is probably what you’re thinking right now. WAIT! Take your hands off the clicker; he is not who I’m here to talk about. I was simply stating the fact to let you know while I’m excited about this player we know the pecking order at safety. Chuck Clark is a name that has been associated with the word special teams since he came in the door. But is that all he has to offer? I believe this second-year player did not make the team on his ST talents alone and has more to offer the team.

It appears I am one of the few believers in this guy’s talent as I have read many reviews from fans calling him a bum and cursing out Ozzie for even selecting the Virginia Tech player in the 2017 NFL draft. However, mark my words, this exciting young guy is part of the future plans for the Ravens’ secondary. He’s a solid sized player who is reliable. Is Chuck going to make the flashy pick and bring it back to the house? Probably not. What I will tell you is that he will not let the big plays get made on him.

According to BaltimoreRavens.com DC “Wink” Martindale said 

“We can play Chuck anywhere. So you’re just going to continue to see his role expand.”

What this means for the Ravens is more consistent play on defense from the Philly native. Stay tuned as he continues to make his case for more playing time. Good Luck Chuck!


The next player consistently forgot about is actually a starter on offense, despite the rumblings about the draft class this season. Nick Boyle has been with the Ravens 4-years believe it or not. The 25-year-old Delaware product has managed to shine his way into the starting TE spot for the team despite his injuries and suspension in the past. Catching 28 passes for 203 yards in 2017 are ho-hum numbers but charm city is expecting much more out of him with rising star and first-round pick Hayden Hurst recovering from a broken foot. I can see Joe Flacco going early and often to 6-4, 270 lbs guy who is still itching for his first taste of paydirt.

These 2 Ravens are not super-stars and going to have to grind their gluts off to get the recognition from the coaches as well as the fans. They made the 53-roster but their work must continue to be considered worthy of advancement.

Jermaine Lockettis a Writer and CEO for Couch Rider Report. Follow us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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