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2 Eagles you should know about but don’t

by EUGENE Holt
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Success brings the public eye and attention. Especially in the world of sports. An unknown playing well doesn’t stay an unknown for long. For the Superbowl Champion Eagles, a slew of names are now known throughout the league: Carson Wentz, Nick Foles,  Fletcher Cox,  Jalen Mills, Lane Johnson etc. But there still are some unsung heroes and relative unknowns hidden on this roster. Here are 2 Eagles you should know about but don’t.

Nigel Bradham 

Bradham is your typical new age linebacker, fast agile and good in coverage. The thing that makes Bradham stand out is that he has all the new age skills packed into an old-school linebacker frame at 6’2, 245. Bradham leaves nothing to be desired in the physicality department and combined excellent coverage ability to solidify himself as an excellent every down player. His numbers will never translate to personal accolades because of his role in that aggressive Philly defense, but make no mistake, Bradham is an excellent player for any winning team.

Jordan Mailata 

This is a name that you’re gonna have to file away and check back on it at a later date. Jordan Mailata was drafted in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL draft, out of Australia. In the picture above you see him playing rugby, that’s because before this year he had never touched a football before. No really…..like never. His first day of training camp, he had to be shown how to put on shoulder pads. So he’s a little raw, to say the least. “But why should I remember some rugby dude?”You may ask…here’s why…..he’s 6’8 350 pounds and moves like a running back.

The guy is money!

Think of the elite Offensive tackles in the league, think of the athleticism they possess, the strength, movement ability…..Mailata has all of that. This man is literally an elite physical talent waiting to be molded. Yes, a ton of molding is necessary but that’s the second part of why this guy is worth remembering. The rate at which he learns and applies what he takes in is staggering. On top of that, he’s learning from a Hall of Fame LT in Jason Peters. Six months ago this guy never touched a football and today he’s a backup LT in the NFL. Remember his name and check back on him later. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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