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Fantasy Sleeper: Mike Gesicki

by Damian Parson

As the 2018 NFL season approaches, fantasy football is also near. The mock drafts, early fantasy reports, & dynasty drafts are underway. Every year we are searching high & low for the new sleepers of the year. Let’s dive into a rookie with a promising future. Mike Gesicki is on my radar as a fantasy sleeper at the tight end position.


Where to draft him?

His current ADP is 210, which should place him in round 18. He is projected to be a top 30 TE. If selected in the 18th round & the production ranks inside the top 10, that is a STEAL. He entered the NFL draft as one of the better receiving tight ends in the class.


Buy or Sell?

The former Nittany Lion tight end is a superb athlete. He blends together speed, length, & leaping ability to be a mismatch in the redzone. After being drafted by the Miami Dolphins, Gesicki to the starting offense. I am buying the rookie tight end because he landed in Miami at the right time. Starting QB Ryan Tannehill is returning at full strength from an ACL tear. The former target magnet Jarvis Landry is in Cleveland, opening the middle of the field for a big athletic tight end. Gesicki should be a security blanket for the veteran signal-caller. In his final season at Penn, he had 57 receptions, 563 yards, 9 touchdowns albeit with a subpar quarterback.


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I predict the rookie will have 50 receptions, 600, 9 touchdowns. Those numbers should land him in the top 10 range based on last year’s tight end scores. He should live in the end zone with his 6’6 260 lbs frame. The Dolphins face Tom Brady & the New England Patriots twice a season, scoring points is a priority. We’ve seen the Patriots defense struggle attempting to defend tight ends. Gesicki will prove his worth vs the best team in the division. BOOK IT! Keep an eye out for this athletic freak because he could help you down the stretch this season.


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