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Draft Profile: Mark Andrews

by Damian Parson


College Football is the clear and only pipeline to the NFL. It is filled with thousands of talented young men that dream of playing at the next level. Only 1.5% of those players become pro football players. Every draft has positions that are deeper than others, some believe this is a quarterback class and others believe it is a running back class. The tight ends have something to say and I am all ears!!! Here is my scouting report!!

Mark Andrews, Tight End, Oklahoma

Height-Weight: 6’5 255

Film reviewed: Texas (17), Kansas State (17), and UTEP (17)

The Good: Andrews is a talented receiving tight end. He has quick feet in and out of breaks. I liked the way he sold his routes, allowing him to use double moves for bigger plays down field. Mark really excels on out breaking routes. He has deceptive speed that catches defenders off guard. The Sooner tight end can be an effective red zone target with his size and frame. He does well vs zone coverage with the knowledge of spacing and soft spots. Andrews catches and secures the ball well in traffic. He is definitely underrated in the yards after catch (YAC) department. In the run game he uses his frame well to shield out smaller defenders.



The Bad: Andrews does not possess game breaking speed. He wins with quickness and route running. Considering his has a big frame, he does not play with much physicality. In the NFL, he will see more physical coverage with defenders getting their hands on him. He will need to be able to respond to their physical play. He did not face a ton of man coverage, so that will be a challenge at the next level.


Pro Comparison: Ceiling: Greg Olsen Floor: Luke Wilson

Andrews is one of the better tight ends in this class. He is very productive as a receiver and can create matchup problems for defenses at the next level. Like Olsen, Andrews is talented as a receiver, not the fastest or best athlete, but he still gets the job done. Unlike Olsen and more of Luke Wilson, Andrews does not block well. In the NFL Andrews can be an effective receiving option for an offense with his ability to line up in the slot and inline.

Team Fits: Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers

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