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Ravens Two-Tower Approach May Shock All Sunday

by Jermaine Lockett

Ravens Two-Tower Approach May Shock All Sunday

We are once again gushing or hating over another player on another team. Here we go again with the same old song. It is time we focused on the team that matters. Antonio Brown will NEVER EVER BE A BALTIMORE RAVEN! Ravens Nation, stand up and recognize we have talent at the position already. For crying out loud, we have AB’s cousin right here with not even a tenth of the drama, all of the youth and the speed. Here is the kicker. Come Sunday, is Hollywood Brown even the star we are looking forward to watching the most?

Who then?

You are probably wondering who then? What is the Two-Tower approach? John Harbaugh has been keeping things locked up in the Disney vault. Nothing gets out of there without approval. The depth chart is full of ambiguity. Seth Roberts appears to be with the 1’s when we honestly have not seen much from him in camp or the preseason. I have heard a few things from the best beat reporters around like Michael Telford, Aaron Kasinitz and Jeff Zrebiec. They spoke on Roberts making a few underneath plays and displaying his blocking ability but it was not well advertised.

Depth/Hype Chart

I believe the depth chart is “smoke and mirrors”. The tape doesn’t lie. We will see the two towers who appear to be buried on this depth chart thrive on Sunday. Miles Boykin and Jaleel Scott have made their cases in camp and the preseason. High flying dominant snags with after the catch bursts are what my prediction is for tomorrow. Even Mike Preston, who is always full of piss and vinegar, had something nice to say about Boykin in the Baltimore Sun:


“…But Boykin, at 6 feet 4 and 220 pounds, has stood out nonetheless. He has good speed, and he has been beating two of the team’s top cornerbacks in Jimmy Smith and Marlon Humphrey. Now, it comes down to whether he can do it again and again and again.”


Ground and pound still a big factor

I am hoping that we still see Lamar Jackson still continues to find his favorite target, Mark Andrews. There is going to be a tremendous 3-man rotation on the ground. The trio of Mark Ingram II, Gus Edwards, and Justice Hill will be everything as advertised. With that said, I believe the opportunities will be abundant in the air as well.


The Miami Dolphins have one solid DB on their depth chart. Xavien Howard can’t be everywhere Sunday. I predict the Ravens taking advantage of that fact. In 2018 the Phins had the 21st ranked D against the past, giving up “the cookies” (TDs) a whopping 31 times (tied for 7th most according to NFL.com). Now while this unit appears shred-able, they also have the second-most interceptions in the league. I believe the size advantage via the air will be something to look at.

Size does matter!

We have already mentioned Boykin’s height, but let’s take a look at his speed. Running a 4.42 at the NFL combine is impressive. That time was in the top-10 of WRs at the event. Let’s take a look at the other tower I’m referring to. Jaleel Scott had the best chemistry with the third-string QB Trace McSorley. Lamar can locate 6’5 targets as well, proven by his previous chemistry with former Louisville Cardinal and now former Raven, Jaylen Smith. Both of the Miami starting CBs are 6’1, but I believe the ability to climb the ladder by both Boykin and Scott will be the difference-maker. Here’s to hoping the two-towers will be an actual thing this season.

Either way, I am excited. I look forward to the Ravens doing whatever it takes for the W. Happy football everyone!


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