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Eagles vs Colts Post Game

by EUGENE Holt
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Eagles vs Colts Post Game

On a rainy day, on a muddy field, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to walk away with a 20-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts. The story of the day was the return of franchise QB Carson Wentz. Here are some things I saw…

“The Sheriff is back!” Those were the words from RB Corey Clement when asked his thoughts on Wentz’s return. Indeed the Sheriff was back as Wentz led a masterful opening drive to a TD. He showed his trademark Houdini-like mobility along with the mental acumen as he easily read the defense and dissected the Colts defense. As the game wore on and the Colts made adjustments, Wentz began to show some rust. He missed 2 key 3rd down throws, he had 2 turnovers as well. But in the game-winning drive, Wentz went 8/8 as the Eagles ate up the clock and took the lead.

The offensive line didn’t have their best day pass blocking but did clear the way for a running back by committee to gain over 100 yards

The Eagles WR position has been decimated by injuries, so the gameplan was to feature a three TE formation and a lot of attacking down the middle. At the moment there is no outside threat for the Eagles so the TE position is targeted heavily.

On defense 2nd year DE Derrick Barnett game through with the clutch sack in the redzone to seal the game. The Eagles continued their stout run defense as QB Andrew Luck was the leading rusher with 33 yards.

The secondary continues to be susceptible to the big play, but they held the Colts to 2 for 12 on 3rd downs and kept them out of the endzone when the game was on the line.

Overall it was an ugly game filled with penalties. But a win is a win. For Philly, the offense is very much a work in progress, but the defense has carried the team to a 2-1 record.

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