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Ok, OK! Joe Flacco looked OK

by Jermaine Lockett
Joe Flacco Getty

Ok, OK! Joe Flacco did his thing! There I said it!

Look, I’m normally the first to trash Joe Flacco and lobby for his benching because I am an over-emotional fan who wants to see pure Ravens dominance. However, I have to give the man his props today as he faced the beastly Denver Broncos’ D. Joe wasn’t magnificent as he went 25-40 for 277-Yards and a TD (even though Buck Allen did the work after the catch, just saying) but he did get the job done and allowed the defense an easy closing opportunity. The Ravens come out with the 14-27 victory over the Denver Donkies.


In a day where the run game was not all that pretty, Joe managed to step up and make a few plays to move the chains and extend drives. When your lead rusher is averaging only 3.8 yards-per-carry and with a total of 77-yards on the day from the backs, somebody has to step up. Joe-cool was that guy.


This new receiving corps of John Brown, Willie Snead IV and Michael Crabtree, has been able to show promise in the air. There were a few plays where I would gush at the sheer size and physicality of Crab when snagging balls down (yes I know how odd that sounded).  I was even happy with Snead’s production on third down. There were plays across the middle that he and Flacco connected on that made me feel like this Ravens’ offense may be more than what the beat down Cincinnati gave them displayed.


Consistency is key though going forward. Can the line continue to protect Joe? Can Joe continue to flash in moments when needed? Can the ground game get going to help the ease the passing attack? Can the offense successfully use Lamar in packages that make sense in the future? These are questions I have and I am sure you do as well. Only time will tell. For the moment we can all let our hair down for 24 hours and enjoy the victory. Go Ravens!

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