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Eagles vs Bucs Post game thoughts

by EUGENE Holt
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Looks like injuries have really taken a toll on the Eagles, as they take a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-21.


First play of the Eagles vs Bucs game was a 75-yard bomb to former Eagle, now Eagle killer Desean Jackson. At first glance, you blame the CB Jalen Mills who has no chance of running with Jackson. Look closer and you’ll see that Malcolm Jenkins had over the top responsibility and bit on an underneath route, leaving Mills exposed.

Surprisingly the Eagles defensive line didn’t get the pressure that they anticipated. Aside from an early Fletcher Cox sack, Ryan Fitzpatrick had time to throw.

It seems like the Tampa Bay offensive game plan was:  “Our athletes outside are better than your defensive backs, so we’re just going to attack everything”. It worked out well. 

Foles had good numbers. 334-yards passing, 99 QB rating. But watching him play makes it painfully obvious that the people who think Foles can carry that Philly offense for an extended period of time are delusional.

Eagles punter Cameron Johnston is really good. Strong legged punters really help the field position game.

I love Jalen Mills for the tenacity and aggressiveness he brings to the game, but he really is at a disadvantage covering these upper echelon receivers. His best position maybe at Safety.

Impressive rookie TE Dallas Goedert barely played in a game where the Eagles were desperate for pass catchers. Instead, unheralded backup TE Josh Perkins played catching 4 passes for 57 yards with two really bad drops. Doug Pederson’s explanation for the switch was confusing, to say the least.

With Alshon Jeffery still recovering and Mike Wallace not making an impact, Eagles fans shouting for Dez Bryant and now Josh Gordon will be loud this week.

Next up are the Indianapolis Colts. We’ll see if reinforcements come.

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