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Is D.J. Chark Jr. Primed for a Big Week Two?

by Jermaine Lockett
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Is D.J. Chark Jr. Primed for a Big Week Two?

I love love LOVE my LSU WRs! I was also hoping the Baltimore Ravens were was able to pick up one of them, but they appear to be doing just fine with the new blood they have. We are all familiar with the household names like O’Dell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry who come from the Bayou Bungles. However, there is another who has a huge opportunity this weekend to put his name one step closer to the two aforementioned names. D.J. Chark Jr. had a nice week one; can he do it again this week?

Go D-J, that’s my D-J!

Marquise Lee’s injury is opening a doorway for the second-year player. Last Sunday, Chark balled out catching 4-of-4-targets for 146-yards and a “tuddy” from two separate QBs. Nick Foles may have gotten him to paydirt, but the 6-4 speedster appears to have a connection with Gardner Minshew II as well.

Apparently, D.J.’s performance is not a real shocker to the team. According to bigcatcountry.com, Jags’ OC John DeFilippo had this to say about the second-year player:

“I don’t think anybody in our locker room was surprised by DJ’s performance on Sunday. I think he has been doing that from training camp on. You saw flashes in the spring in the OTAs…”

With Marquise Lee dealing with an injury keeping the veteran sidelined for week two, the 2018 2nd round pick has a great opportunity on his hands to make his case for more reps. Chris Conley may have had more targets but Chark led the day in yards.

Blip on the radar or…?

The question remains whether he is just a big play guy or an every-down type of “Baller” who Defensive Coordinators will have to game plan in the future? My money is on Chark having another solid day. The Houston Texans better have a plan or they will get roasted on the backend.

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