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Early Look: Benjamin Hudson, Bishop Gorman High

by Jermaine Lockett

Early Look: Benjamin Hudson, Bishop Gorman High

Football is basically a religion for most families. Parents are filled with joy as their child holds a ball for the first time. While you were probably teaching your 5-year old how to work common core math, the football family was teaching their kid how to master a 3-cone drill.

Let’s fast-forward to high school. Now parents are extremely excited as their child puts together highlight after highlight as they get ready for the next level. I’ll be honest with you. Not everyone is worthy of the next step. However, I bring to you today a guy who is. Benjamin Hudson may be only a Sophomore, but teams may want to take an early look at this athlete.

Currently, this 6’2”, 190lb competitor has put some tape together, showing his ability at LB. When looking at the LB position, there are a few things worth mentioning. Size and speed are two things that catch the eye of any scout instantly. Any 14-16-year-old male sitting at 6’2 is eye-popping. Sure, there is more weight to gain, but that is what a physical trainer will work on with this young man.

Other categories evaluated are the ability to play in coverage, boldness, and intelligence to take on the run and aptitude to rush the QB.


First, I need you to take a look at the tape. Please see the below tape provided by Bishop Gorman High School. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11195933/5d9d74c1b3d2a31010650e91



Ben’s ability to play in coverage is something the jury is still out on, but looking at the video, when in coverage, this Sophomore has a solid discipline to keep the play in front of him. Switching between receivers while playing zone comes with ease for Ben. Quarterbacks simply do not want to try him as he has only one pass-defense this season.

As he moves up to the next level, coaches will work with getting his hips loose to flow with defenders. His size and reach will come into play big time in college as he will need to escort opposing WRs off their route and to the sidelines. With his height and hops, young Hudson will be able to climb the ladder for the rock, giving opposition headaches.

The tape above shows mostly LB play, but I am excited to see his technique in other positions. After speaking with his father, Trevor Hudson, I was informed Ben is an athlete and is willing to play whatever position his team needs.


Run Defense

Hudson Stopping the Run

Hudson Stopping the Run

The first thing that pops up with rolling out the tape on this individual is how he lets the run come to him. His patience and discipline to stop the run is something that NFL players are still trying to master. Ben understands his gap responsibility and also knows when to shed his blocker to make the play. His field awareness and nose for the ball is something to marvel at.

The Gorman Gael has 26 tackles with 5.5 of them for loss on the season. The only issue I see is the way he uses mostly his upper body to muscle his blockers away versus using agility. At the high school level, his tremendous strength makes work easy, but he’ll need to develop more block shedding moves in the future to stay competitive against bigger linemen.


Rushing the QB

Hudson with the Sack

Hudson with the Sack

I’ve mentioned the Sophomore’s nose for the ball. After only starting eight games this season, #22 racked up 3.5 sacks, 3 QB hurries and one fumble recovery for the Gorman Gaels. Even Tom Leming of CBS Sports had nothing but positive things to say about this young promising Star.


“6’2“ 195 LB Benjamin Hudson is a 2022 Rising star from Bishop Gorman. Blessed with excellent footwork, great instincts, a terrific first step, and the strength to play off blocks and make plays.



Ben may only be 15, but he packs a wallop, and I am gushing, thinking about the possibility of him continuing to grow physically and talent-wise as his story continues. Keep your eyes open for this future NFL Star.

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