Why Seahawks’ Offense was so flat in debut

Updated: September 12, 2018
Seahawks Flat

I buzzed through the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos matchup today, and I saw the game looked worse than the score. We saw dropped passes, errant throws, and sacks that could have been avoided by the Hawks. What do Russell and crew need to do to perform better this next week?

You like me were probably looking for a standout receiver and Back and to be honest, I only can think of two guys who looked slightly above par. Chris Carson seemed somewhat impressive as he was hurdling defenders fighting for extra yards. He totaled 79 yards on ten touches. I was not impressed with Rashaad Penny and his sluggish performance. It appeared as if Penny was still adjusting to the speed of the game. When you’re as big as he is, you don’t try to beat someone outside. You have to power through the man in front of you.

Another standout was the rookie TE, Will Dissly. Who? Yes, I said Dissly. You have to wonder if he will be a household name in a couple of years. If the 4th-round-pick out of Washington continues to put up performances like this past Sunday, he definitely will be known by more than the Washington natives. The Bozeman Montana Native posted three catches for 105 yards and one TD against the Broncos. Hopefully, he can continue his success in Chicago next week.

Now over to Wilson. I truly believe the wins and losses of a team are a team effort but come on Russell. You know darn well you can turn you back in the pocket when you can’t sense the baddest pass-rusher in football! Von Miller took your cookies three times (total of six sacks) and all because you chose to try and reestablish the pocket versus hitting the check-down. Get your life together! The win should have been the Seahawks to lose, but the team beat themselves.

If the offense can provide better protection against superior pass-rush again this week, get smarter play out of Russell and find ways to get separation out of the receivers, the Hawks will be able to give Chicago a better game Monday night.

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