Draft Profile: Deionte Thompson

Updated: February 8, 2019


Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama

Height-Weight: 6’2 194 lbs

Games watchedAuburn (18),  Ole Miss (18), Lousiville (18),  Georgia (18)

Positives: Range on range on range. If you need a player to cover deep, Deionte Thompson is your guy. He shows excellent speed and quickness to get over the top and make a play on the football.

Like many Alabama players Thompson doesn’t hesitate to run into the box and make a tackle. Functions well close to the line of scrimmage playing the run and occasionally covering a slot WR.

Primarily uses as a single high Safety, reading the QB and using his range to make plays on the back end.


Coach Him Up: Although a willing tackler, Thompson often takes poor angles to the ball carrier and is out of control up to the point of contact. This leads to some missed tackles and unnecessary yardage for the opposition. Still a work in progress as far as route recognition and falling victim to eye manipulation from the QB.



Overall: Deionte Thompson is an excellent talent. Best suited playing in a Single high coverage scheme, that’ll feature his best asset which is his range. With more experience he has a chance to be an excellent player for years.



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