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Donte Whitner – A Baltimore Raven?

by Jermaine Lockett

After 2 years with the Cleveland Browns, safety Donte Whitner has hit the unemployment line in order to save them $3.95 million in cap-space. Could he fit in well with the Oakland Raiders or maybe somewhere else? Some are tying him to the Baltimore Ravens. Well that “some” would be more than a few people, if the Ravens didn’t already sign Eric Weddle a couple weeks ago. But could Whitner solidify a hot garbage Ravens’ secondary; If so at what price?

Quality or Quantity?

Fellow Couch Rider Report Analyst Christopher DuVall believes there are too many safeties in-house already. However, I am a true believer in quality over quantity. Lets take a look at the talent in house already:

  • Terrence Brooks – Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida State products, but if he left, I’m sure I’d cry a bit. I’d curse Ozzie and John Harbaugh but with time the wound would heal. (27-tackles and a fumble recovery over a two-year stint)
  • Matt Elam – Can you say draft bust? After Minnesota Viking Cordarrelle Patterson AKA Mr. Flashy shook this undersized sprite up on his way to paydirt in 2014, it appeared that everyone started breaking the mans ankles in the open field. I would not be sad to see this draft bust go. (127-tackles, 1 sack and 1 career interception.
  • Anthony Levine Sr. – The only time Baltimore even hears this guys name is in the preseason or when they are calling people off the couch to replace injured DBs. Another replaceable. (48-tackles, 1-FF, 1-FR)
  • Lardarius Webb – When this guy isn’t taking long walks down the beach to the rehab facility due to another season ending injury, he’s actually ok at CB. His transition to Safety may be a difficult journey and “aint nobody got time for that”.
  • Nick Perry – Do you ever get tired of the word promising or potential? It means you have done nothing yet. That is Nick Perry in a nutshell. High ceiling and I am interested in seeing what he brings to camp this year.

Only Hitters need apply

Anyone else worth mentioning either had the title FS or DB, which is not SS material. Strong Safety is a position of hate. You have to have watched the movie Waterboy a couple of times in your youth, in order to play the position. This is mainly because you are the “thumper” of the DBs.


Bernard Pollard and James Ihedigbo were the best Raven examples of how to play the position. Whitner brings in a similar skillset and likes to hit HARD!

Let’s talk money

Price may not be the issue with Whitner, even with him coming off a solid year (81-tackles, 1-FF and 1.5-sacks in 2015) in the land of player career suicide… I mean Cleveland. Based on what veteran safeties are getting paid now after getting the big contract, Ozzie Newsome would be smart to bring this guy in somewhere around what guys like Patrick Chung (NE – $2.7 Mil per year) and Antrel Rolle (CHI – $3.7 Mil per year) are getting paid. The former Brown may take a paycut, to get on a winning team.


There are really not too many other good free-agent options out there, when considering “thumpers”. Of course, the draft is a good option. Guys like Ohio States Tyvis Powell who really knows how to pack a wallop, may be available in the third round. Pro Football Focus had this to say on the prospect:

“Powell has excellent size and the frame to carry another 8-10 pounds. He is a consistent run-support player and a good tackler, notching 70 plus the last two seasons in Columbus.”

The Couch Rider choice

If I had to choose between the two, of course I’m going with the veteran. I’ve seen the beastly hits from Whitner at this level. Powell is a gamble and looks to have room for improvement.

The former pro-bowler according to Baltimore Ravens fan Joe Shivery, already plays like a Raven. Might as well suit him up. Dean Pees needs all the talent he can get.

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