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Will White and Moore make the Ravens’ 53?

by Jermaine Lockett
White and Moore

Will White and Moore make the Ravens’ 53?

There is a ton of excitement looming around the Baltimore Ravens’ practice field as the Ravens are trying out their new toy WR corps. Sure there is all of the talk about Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson but who are they throwing to? Mike Preston’s observations from the second practice shine some light on young rookie Jordan Lasley saying:

“He has dropped one or two passes but for the most part has been consistent. Keep an eye on him.”

Out with the old?

I’m sure every Ravens’ fan will have an eye on this late round rook. The question is what two of our second and third-year players are bringing back to the table? Sure the new toys are like the Buzz Light-year’s to the team, all nice and shiny and bring a new dynamic. However, now that Mike Wallace and Jeremy Maclin are gone, do the younger but more seasoned vets get an opportunity to maintain a roster spot or are they just tossed out in the cold like yesterday’s old slop?

Uphill battle…

Tim White and Chris Moore are fighting this offseason for a roster spot and are not going to just let the rooks come in a take their job. According to Garrett Downing of BR.com, Moore was pretty nice catching a couple of eye-popping throws, one being a one-handed snag over the middle and a leaping TD grab during red-zone drills.

I highly doubt both Mayock and I got it wrong two years ago with Moore. We both had this to say in an article previously:

Chris Moore out of Cincinnati has to be one of the better put together WRs to come out of the NFL Draft for the Baltimore Ravens. The former Bearcat brings a deep threat that Joe Flaccowill absolutely love! According to NFL.com, even Mike Mayock had this to say about the talented rookie:

“…this young man is one I wish would have gone off the board last night when we had Urban Meyer here, so he could explain how this kid made 3-catches for 221-yds against Ohio State in 2014…”

Of course, upon hearing this, I had to go to the tape. Gunter Kiel and Moore hooked up in this game, similar to how Flacco used to find Torrey Smith. There were bombs being thrown way up, and somehow #15 would manage to beat his coverage and come right underneath them. Kiel hit Moore on a 60-yard pass for a TD in the first quarter, as well as 83-yard and 78-yard bombs that Moore clearly separated on for scores later on that game. The guy set a NCAA record with the most yards per catch (73)! Even with those accolades, he still has an uphill battle ahead.

While Moore may have only had 18-catches for 248-yards and three-TDs in 2017, he is a familiar target for Joe Flacco when filling in for the injured and now former Ravens, Wallace and Maclin. Look for more of Moore come training camp.

Second chance…

Tim White was the most exciting 2017 training camp WR the Raven fans had seen in years. The former Arizona Sun Devil was a clear lock to make the roster with the pure athleticism and highlight-reel catches he made during scrimmages at M&T bank stadium as well as in practice. His year was cut short due to a hand injury during a kickoff return in the first preseason game last year. The Arizona State product still managed to go out and catch a TD even though he knew he was hurt.

I am excited to know what he is going to bring to the table for the Ravens and what level of competition our WR corps as a whole will be. Let’s look at the competition.

Locks (outside of injury)

Michael Crabtree (Red-Zone Monster)

John Brown (Burner when not injured)

Willie Snead (Slot- Specialist)

Anything could happen

Jordan Lasley (Strength appears to be route running)

Chris Moore (Speed and red-zone abilities)

Tim White (Circus-catching freak)

Jaleel Scott (Big-Body red-zone target)

DeVier Posey (CFL Star)

Jaelon Acklin (Wild-Card possession WR)

Long shots

Breshad Perriman (Look Mom, no hands)

Quincy Adeboyejo (great deal of upside)

Andre Levrone (Burner with potential)

Jarnarion Grant (Special Teams)

There are a few sneaky surprises that I brushed over such as Scott and Acklin; articles on each of them are coming. One thing is certain. The Ravens will not have the 29th ranked WR corps in 2018. Will White and Moore be a part of the corps? Only time will tell.

Jermaine Lockett is a Writer and CEO for Couch Rider Report. Follow us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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