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Will Saints’ defense be reason Cleveland fans get pissy drunk this week?

by Jermaine Lockett
Saints' Defense

What in the heck happened to the vaunted New Orleans Saints’ defense? I have never seen a unit put fear in the eyes of defenses and revert to the open floodgates a year later. We have to wonder if we are just having a kneejerk reaction to the beatdown on Sunday or is there seriously a problem and a reason to panic in New Orleans?

After looking at an NFL.Com feed on the gameday comments, a few of you consider the Saints’ defensive performance to be absolute backwater trash. There were a few of you who would even prefer Drew Brees to be traded to another team that he can have another chance at a ring. Many mentioned Denver as a team that could move forth with Brees and get another ring. The shots kept coming on the feed as even Saints fan David A. White said:

“Is it too early to fire the defensive coordinator? The Saints’ defense was embarrassingly horrible. Worst ever. Saints will go 0-16 with that defense.”

Congratulations New Orleans, you made backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick look like an All-Pro. “Fitzmagic” piled up 417 yards and 4 TDs against what was the league’s top 3 defense interceptions with 22.

The good news is the team ultimately did not have a 100-yard rusher on the day and only gave up one-TD on the ground. The message is clear, DC Dennis Allen and Secondary Coach Aaron Glenn need to go back to the tape and see where the issue is and pull it together.

The Saints take on the Cleveland Browns next week, who are pissed off about a “kiss your sister” tie against their divisional opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers. You have to believe Tyrod Taylor and company are chomping at the bit to get the fridges open in Cleveland. What I mean by that is because of the terrible record in Cleveland, the first win that the team has causes the locks on prepositioned fridges of Budlight beer will automatically open all over the city.

The question is “Will the Saints’ defense be the reason all of Cleveland gets pissy drunk this week?” Only time will tell.

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