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Who will fill Breshard Perriman’s role?

by Jermaine Lockett


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Who will fill Breshard Perriman’s role?

Injured again!?!?!

Man down! Man Down! Baltimore is once again experiencing the injury bug, and this time it is Breshard Perriman again. Many reports have surfaced of a partial ACL tear on the second-year inactive player. We trusted Ozzie to bring us the solid replacement we needed for Torrey Smith to take the top off defenses, and allow Joe Flacco to exercise that cannon arm of his. Some of you are thinking “in Ozzie we trust, my @$$!”


Holster those curse words for now because Ozzie just may have gotten it right this time. Just not in the first round and not with Perriman. That ship has sailed, and they need to offer the kid an injury settlement and accept defeat on him.


Who is Chris Moore?

Anyway, Ozzie got it right with one particular speedster in the draft.

Chris Moore out of Cincinnati has to be one of the better put together WRs to come out of the NFL Draft for the Baltimore Ravens. The former Bearcat brings a deep threat that Joe Flacco will absolutely love! According to NFL.com, even Mike Mayock had this to say about the talented rookie:

“…this young man is one I wish would have gone off the board last night when we had Urban Meyer here, so he could explain how this kid made 3-catches for 221-yds against Ohio State in 2014…”

Of course, upon hearing this, I had to go to the tape. Gunter Kiel and Moore hooked up in this game, similar to how Flacco used to find Torrey Smith. There were bombs being thrown way up, and somehow #15 would manage to beat his coverage and come right underneath them. Kiel hit Moore on a 60-yard pass for a TD in the first quarter, as well as 83-yard and 78-yard bombs that Moore clearly separated on for scores later on that game. The guy set a NCAA record with the most yards per catch (73)! Even with those accolades, he still has an uphill battle ahead.

The contenders

There are plenty of Ravens WRs who believe they should “get the Juice now.” Let’s look at the roster:

84       Waller, Darren       (Bottom of the TE depth chart. Probably rethinking his decision to be a TE)

11       Aiken, Kamar           (Clear Starter)            

83       Brown, Daniel        (Flashes of greatness. Still in the fight)

17       Butler, Jeremy        (Most promising all-around talent)

13       Matthews, Chris     (Who? Oh ya, the former Seahawk)

10       Moore, Chris            (The guy I’m talking about)                        

89       Smith Sr., Steve       (The B.A. Vet who will chokeslam you, Clear Starter)

12       Wallace, Mike         (Black and Yellow no more! He’s been saved)

15       Campanaro, Michael   (Mr. Injury Prone)        

16       Clay, Kaelin  (Return Specialist)

81       Reynolds, Keenan (Developmental WR)

Realistically considering the speed element, Mike Wallace, and developmental player, Keenan Reynolds are the only two players standing in the way of Moore catching a lot MORE action. Of course, we know Steve Smith Sr. and Kamar Aiken will start, but Wallace may still have to fight with Moore, Jeremy Butler and Michael Campanaro for the number three spot. As long as Moore makes the team, he’ll get some looks. If the Ravens are looking to go deep, you will see Moore subbed in. You know Flacco loves his deep balls (no pun intended) and wants to throw more of them. Profootballtalk.com had this to say about the matter.

“Flacco leads all quarterbacks in passes that travel over 20 yards in the air since he entered the league in 2008…it’s no shock to learn that Flacco wants to uncork more long throws…‘The first thing we got to do, in this pass game, we didn’t really ever attempt to do it. We’ve talked about that. We need to take our shots,’ Flacco said, via the Baltimore Sun.”

Flacco’s comments were about the lack of deep shots taken in week one of 2015, against the Denver Broncos. He knows what the team needs and so does Ozzie Newsome.

Moore=Givens 2.0?

Newsome brought in speedster Chris Givens from the Rams in 2015 to fix the issue. We saw the combo starting to gel before Joe’s injury. Chris Givens has gone on to “greener” pastures since. No, he’s not rolling in the dough. He’s just a Philadelphia Eagle now. Moore has a similar size and skill set as the former Wake Forest player.

John Harbaugh loves the speed on the field and had this to say about his WRs according to BR.com

“It’s hard for me to see the speed all of the time in some of these drills,” Harbaugh said. ‘I’m like, ‘How fast are they really moving?’ Then I go ask the [defensive backs] and they say, ‘They’re moving really fast.’ And that makes me feel good about it.’”

Harbs is aware of the talent he has in Chris Moore. The real question is “Will he use it?”

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