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Why is My Team So Trash: Denver Broncos

by Jermaine Lockett
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Why is My Team So Trash: Denver Broncos

Here we are waiting for the last football game of the year wondering: “Why is my team so trash?” Ok, maybe not in those words. But you are wondering what your team is missing in order to take the next step? I figured I would highlight a team that truly needs to get their life together and what they are missing. The Denver Broncos are the team of focus today. What do they need to do to pull their team out of the dumps in the AFC West?

General Manager

I get it. John Elway is a staple in Broncos’ history, but the guy couldn’t hit on a QB if Joe Burrow fell in his lap and blew in his ear. Since winning the Super Bowl in 2016, and even before, the GM has not hit on a QB in the draft. Even Andres Maldonaldo of Profootballnetwork had this to say about Elway’s QB nose:

“John Elway has been the general manager of the Denver Broncos for eight years now. In those eight years, they have had seven quarterbacks start at least one game. Five of them can be directly attributed to Elway.

Besides Manning, all of the picks have been a bust. We all know Manning wasn’t a genius pick by Elway as he was already proven and headed for the Hall of Fame. But you got to credit Elway for convincing him to join the team.”

Peyton Manning came in and saved Elway’s legacy as a GM, by putting up monstrous stats for years before having one of his worst statistical seasons in which he still brought home the Lombardi. Thank goodness for his ability to build a defense. Some people are saying “give Elway another year”. I say send him packing now. There are plenty of young directors of personnel that are itching at the opportunity to build a franchise.

Wide Receiver

Dealing Emmanuel Sanders built draft stock for this beaten-down team, but at what cost? Sanders, with a serviceable QB, is a monster in this game and showed what he is capable of in his first week with the San Francisco 49ers. Sanders scored a TD in his first game with his new squad despite going 5-weeks without one in Denver. Courtland Sutton is an up and coming downfield target. Sutton’s 1112-yds and 6-TDs speak volumes to his ability just to get the job done. It does not matter to him who is throwing the ball. He still needs a speedy “Z” receiver to help him on the other side.

Offensive Line

Mike Munchak is hoping to have a healthy Ja’Wuan James back at Tackle to start this season. I don’t think they can take another painful year of Elijah Wilkinson-like players as he had 10-sacks allowed on the year, according to PFF. I believe the team will try to build upon the existing line by seeking a Tackle early in the draft and see who makes it out of camp. My eye at the 15th overall pick (if John isn’t smart enough to go after any 1st round QB in this class.) is Yasir Durant. The guy is 6-7, 330lbs and has plenty of reach on him. Size is something you can’t teach. Drew Lock needs all the protection he can get. Why not get a guy who is ready on day one of the season?


Despite only giving up 19 passing-TDs on the season, Denver just was not bringing in the interceptions. They only had 10. There is no way Elway is content with the possibility of losing four CBs in free agency. Ronald Darby and Jimmy Smith may be two options to look at if they are seriously looking at being competitive in the 2020 season. With the extra third-rounder they brought in from San Francisco, Denver could look to take a CB there.


C’mon Orange Nation! Don’t look at this roster and tell me with a straight face that Drew Lock is the guy for this team going forward. His most notable game of 2019 was against the Houston Texans, who allowed the 4th most TDs in the league (33)! Jake Fromm is a guy who will not turn the ball over and can be clutch. I believe the franchise can be built around him. At the 15th overall pick should this DSGB (Dirty South Georgia Boy) be on the board, John has to pull the trigger.

There is a ton of work to be done to turn this franchise around, but it appears the options are available in both free-agency and the NFL Draft good luck Broncos Nation. I wish you all the best.

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