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Why are Panthers’ fans so angry with Cam?

by Jermaine Lockett
Angry Newton Fans

While I was sipping my tea, minding my own business celebrating the Lamar Jackson win over the Cincinnati Bengals, I thought, “let me take a gander over to the NFC South Fan page to look at what was going on.” To my surprise, I find a guy burning Cam Newton’s jersey. What has Cam done so egregious that people would want to burn his jersey over (video here)?

Yes, I get it there was a very dicey call from Ron “Riverboat” Rivera concerning the 2 point conversion try against the Detroit Lions. Had Cam completed the pass, I don’t believe you would have a problem with the call or the unique dress code that the former MVP adheres to. You would be celebrating the “W” and partying it up with the rest of Panthers’ Nation. We wouldn’t even be having this one-sided conversation, but you chose to be salty?

Carolina Panthers Fans should be grateful that they have a good signal caller that can up his level of play to a SB quarterback passing level. You haven’t met struggles until you have a QB who throws INTs at the 1-yard line. You haven’t met struggles until you have a QB who through 11 weeks has only 12 TDs on the season. Yes, I’m talking about Joe Flacco. Would you like to trade? I didn’t think so. Your QB is has a 102. 5 passer rating and is in the top-10 of completion percentage in the league. Yet you are wasting your hard earned money to burn his jersey?

How about you give your signal caller a break? Cam is giving you 2-3 TDs per game in the air. About half of the league is praying for field goals, while your guy is actually finishing drives and putting the ball up for his WRs to make plays.

If you would like to play the blame game, I’d blame the Kicker, Graham Gano for missing from 34-yards out. Oh but wait, there’s more. Graham also missed an extra point attempt as well.

Maybe you should be blaming the defense for allowing a rookie RB to post 5.8 yards-per-carry up on your “vaunted” front eight.

Kenny G (Golladay) posted 113-yards and a TD on your secondary. Y’all do know he was a backup right until about three weeks ago, right?

Then, of course, there’s Riverboat Ron. Going for “two” when the game could’ve easily been decided in overtime. There’s your culprit. So grab your pitchforks, torches, and head to his house and leave my boy Cam alone.

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