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What Does Drafting Dobbins Mean for Edwards?

by Jermaine Lockett

What Does Drafting Dobbins Mean for Edwards?

J.K Dobbins is an excellent pick for the Baltimore Ravens, but what does that mean for the current stable of running backs? Is this a sign that Mark Ingram II and Gus Edwards are in danger?

I believe the “WOO! WOO!” mantra starter and MVP hypeman Ingram is safe for at least a year. The player that I think won’t make it to the regular season is my guy Gus Edwards. The former Rutgers Star was an exclusive rights free agent this offseason and signed a $660K 1-year deal with the Ravens. The team is the only one to benefit here because they get a top-tier production back for the low.

This third-year player racked up 711-yards and 2-TDs in a backup role. He’ll be a starter somewhere else in the league and will command a bigger contract than the scraps the Ravens are playing them currently. It’s not like the team doesn’t appreciate his contributions. Jeff Zrebiec of the athletic recently wrote:

“Edwards is the no-nonsense type of personality that the Ravens love, and he’s flashed lead back type of reliability.”

While the team loves Edward’s personality and skill-set, this is a business, and outside of the 2017 and 2018, rarely have the Ravens brought 4 RBs into the regular season. Patrick Ricard is a FB. Don’t @ me! The spot can be used elsewhere.

Am I saying that Dobbins will be able to duplicate the production of Edwards? Maybe. I don’t have to. Eric DeCosta‘s move to draft Dobbins makes that the possibility. I would love to have this stable of running backs stay the same, but Baltimore can keep offering extensions to secondary role-players to long term deals and expect to sign Lamar Jackson to an extension in two years.

It sucks. It really does, but I expect Edwards to be showcased in the preseason (if there is one) and traded to a team that desperately needs a ground game.

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