Vance Joseph: There is no time to waste

Updated: June 12, 2017


Vance Joseph: There is no time to waste

If urgency was missed in new Head Coach Vance Joseph’s tone and direct comments two months ago, the thin “Mile High” air clogged up ears. The honeymoon is brief and according to an article from, the new Coach of the Denver Broncos wants everyone to know,

“the time is now to scale quickly and get out of the gate fast.”

A look at the first few games

Eleven days later on April 21, Coach Joseph’s point was backed up when the NFL released the 2017 schedule.  Most insiders believe the Broncos have the toughest schedule and while that may be true, I disagree partially. Reason: Home is where the heart is. The first 3 of 4 games are at home – LA Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Oakland Raiders. P.S. Must win the home opener in week 1!

Where Coach Vance Joseph can make his mark is sneaking into Buffalo in week 3 and leave with a win, then fly back to Denver to play the Raiders in Week 4 and lock up a victory. So the Broncos get the curse of an early bye in week 5 plus the Giants game in week 6 at home.

I believe Coach Joseph has an opportunity to see a 3-1 record into the bye week.  But then I reminded of the 2016 season as an example. In week 3 last season, I drove to Cincy and watched Trevor Siemian dismantle a very good Cincinnati Bengals‘ defense at home – 23-of-35 / 312 yards / 4 TD and 0 INT. Then after the bye week, the Broncos were shredded in Oakland, the offense collapsed and the offensive line was manipulated the rest of the year.

On the road again…

The schedule becomes even tougher after this season’s bye week.  Week 7-9 are road games from the West Coast to the East Coast, add in the New England Patriots in week 10 (in Denver), then a tough travel schedule in Week 12 and 13—fly to Oakland then Miami!

Final thoughts

I can’t see a Super Bowl in their forecast but I do see the Broncos making a late season run at the AFC playoffs IF and only if, Denver goes 4-2 or 5-1 through the first six games, so per Coach Joseph’s motto, there is no time to waste. In case you’re wondering what Joseph’s chances are of meeting any of these media determined goals, Alexander P has you covered. Joseph has been given 4/1 odds of becoming the first rookie coach to win the Super Bowl with a current team.

The NFL has handed you a lemon. Time to crush the lemon and bring out the Bronco orange Coach.

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