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This Is The Worst You’ll Ever See Ben Simmons & the Sixers Play!

by EUGENE Holt
Sixers cloud Flickr-Keith Allison

This is the worst you will ever see Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Markelle Fultz (yeah I said it) play…….

I say that to say this……This team is in no way, shape or form a finished product. The Ben Simmons you see now is not the Ben Simmons you will see going forward. What you are witnessing now is the absolute ground floor of what Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are as players. I threw in Markelle Fultz because his issues are mental, not physical. Call me crazy but I believe a 19-year-old kid is gonna progress mentally at a rapid rate.

On the court, Ben Simmons has obvious weaknesses to his game. He can’t shoot. He knows it, we know it…..the Celtics damn sure know it. But let me ask you this…Does Ben strike you as a player that’s gonna rest on his laurels? Does he seem like a player that’s ok with being flawed? I don’t think so. The kid is gonna get a jumper….step back, fade away whatever, he’s gonna put in the work to add another dimension to his game. Then just watch the magic happen. No pun intended.

Joel Embiid barely practiced with the team this season. Can you imagine what he can be with a full offseason of working on his game as opposed to rehabbing an injury? Can you imagine a decisive powerful Embiid in the post? With the touch around the basket and jumper already there, can you see a player who knows where the double is coming from and how to beat it? Can you see a player with a tighter handle and less turnover prone? I can, and it’s scary.

Markelle Fultz. His rookie season has been disappointing. But is it something the Sixers fans aren’t used too? No. The 19-year-old missed most of the regular season with something wrong. I’ve heard the rumors as I’m sure most of you have….but all that aside, the kid is going to mature and get better. Even in this less than an inspiring season, we’ve seen the talent that he possesses. The ability to get where he wants to on the floor, the ability to set up teammates….we’ve seen it. Now it’s up to him to make that his level of play game in game out. Basically, if you ask me if a 19-year-old kid is gonna mature and get better at his craft…..I’m gonna get yes every time.

Furkan Korkmaz, Jonah Bolden, 2 future first round picks coming in June. Korkmaz and Bolden are two names I don’t expect anyone outside of Sixer Nation to know…..but both are talented players that can contribute going forward. The development of these young players should not be overlooked when factoring in future success. Both players can contribute as early as next season.

I’ll speculate on free agents in another article which should be a game changer.

I’ll wrap this up by saying this…..the floor of this team is 52 wins and 2 rounds in the playoffs. Just imagine what the ceiling is…..

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