• Peters-Getty

    Is Marcus Peters past the “Burnt Toast” Jokes?

    Is Marcus Peters past the “Burnt Toast” Jokes? I’ve been catching crap all week about the Ravens picking up Marcus “Burnt Toast” Peters. I’ll be honest with you. I had to...

  • No Cooks, No Heat??

    No Cooks, No Heat??

    Need "Original Saints Perspective?" Damian Parson has you covered in his latest "No Cooks, No Heat??" Do the Saints have an answer for Cooks' departure?

  • CRR Podcast: Patriots’ Training Camp Preview

    When you want Original Sports Perspective on the Patriots, Damian Parson is the man you turn to! Here is his latest on Patriots' Training Camp.

  • All Pats on Deck

    CRR Podcast: All Pats on Deck pt 2

    If you have a love for all things Pats Damian Parson has you covered. Tune in as he goes in on part two of his All Pats on Deck Podcast.

  • Draft

    CRR Podcast: AFC North Draft thoughts

    When it comes to Original Sports Perspective, look no further than the Couch Rider Report. Tune into our latest podcast as Damian and I go in on the projections for the AFC...

  • Mock Draft

    Draft Time!!! Damian’s Top Ten

    It's that time of the year people. Time for the Mock Drafts. Damien has you covered with his TOP 10.

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