• Murray Getty

    Can Arizona Trust Kyler Murray to Lead?

    Can Arizona Trust Kyler Murray to Lead? I need to be honest and put something out in the air briefly before starting. I believe Charley Casserly gets paid to destroy draft...


    Mobile QBs are here to stay…

    Mobile QBs are here to stay… Why am I one of the only people who can see the “Changing of the Guard” at the QB position? Yes, I get it. Tom...

  • Angry Newton Fans

    Why are Panthers’ fans so angry with Cam?

    Panthers fans have surfaced their hate via video. But why? Jermaine explains in his latest.

  • Is 2018 Cam Newton’s Make or Break season?

    The  Carolina Panther’s years under Cam Newton have been shaky ones at best. Drafted back in 2011, the Panthers haven’t had back-to-back winning seasons in his 7 years with the team....

  • Quarterback Rankings: Top 10 Signal Callers

    The lifelong debate in the NFL is quarterbacks can make or break a team. They’re the most important position in football. Every year teams atop of the draft order are reaching...

  • 49ers and Bears-wiki

    Here’s to you 49ers and Bears fans

    Tired of hearing the Cam Newton mess, the Colin Kaepernick mess, and the Rob Gronkowski out talk? Here's some original sports perspective on 49ers and Bears

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