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More “Purple Rain” in Baltimore this  Sunday?

by Jermaine Lockett
Purple Rain
Purple Rain

Purple Rain

More “Purple Rain” in Baltimore this Sunday?

Y’all know I love talking fantasy and offensive football but when it comes to my Baltimore Ravens, to be honest, there is not much positive to talk about. The word potential gets thrown around a bit but raises the same old question of when they are going to put it all together? Will there be more “Purple Rain” in Baltimore this Sunday? I think the league’s eighth-ranked passing defense (Chicago Bears) may want to dry out charm city. Is the two-play explosion of Mike Wallace and Joe Flacco against the Oakland Raiders a sign of bigger things to come from this Ravens’ Offense?


Receivers will let you know…

Mike has been like every receiver who has a mouth, lobbying for the “damn ball” as Keyshawn Johnson named his book. Wallace may not be on Sammy Watkins‘ level but you can still hear this Raven cawing. According to NBC Sports Wallace had this to say:


“Of course,” he said. “I play wide receiver. I don’t play to block. But at the same time, when you’re winning, it makes it all good. It’s always masked when you’re winning. As long as we’re winning, we’re good. I’m going to find ways to make plays. I will make plays.”


And that is exactly what he did this past Sunday against the Raiders. The wily veteran caught two big bombs from “Joe Cool” for 52 and 54-yards respectively. The former Steeler, Dolphin, and Viking finished the day with 133-yards off of three receptions. I had my chest stuck out, walking tall and proud that one of my team’s receivers was finally at the bottom of the screen on the ticker with something notable in the on the slider. That news is great and all but will it be the norm or is just a small connect like two ships passing in the night? Those two ships being Joe and Mike. Another question is can our QB find the former first-round pick Breshad Perriman?


What about #11? Who?

Through five games, 4-receptions 26-yards and no paydirt is not the type of production you want from such a highly drafted player. I could sit here and hate but I would like to hope. I hope that “Bret” can really be the key to this offense really taking off before being called the next “Mark Clayton”; another first-round selection that did not pan out. His production has not been for lack of trying. Flacco has targeted him 16 times in hopes of linking up.


While Jeremy Maclin is getting in his intermediate work, it is the outside burners that will ultimately determine the success or failure of this passing attack. I am hoping that even as I am writing this post that the unit is working on chemistry. They are going to need to be on the same page for sure if they plan on launching on ‘Da Bears’ who have only allowed 3 plays through the air of 40 or more yards. Heres to hopes of purple showers from Joe all day Sunday.

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