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Patriots options: Filling in for Julian

by Damian Parson

Filling in for Julian

The Patriots top receiver Julian Edelman is facing a four game suspension for using Performance Enhancing Drugs. The star slot receiver was aiming for a week one start after recovering from a torn acl in last year’s preseason dress rehearsal. Tom’s bff spent the year on IR last season, they relied on Danny Amendola of the Miami Dolphins (free agency). Possibly missing the 32 year old feisty slot receiver for four games leaves a void in the offense. Who will be filling in for Julian? Here are some options to replace him.

  1. Jordan Matthews– Former Eagle & Bills pass catcher has lead the league in slot production since his rookie year before the 2017 season. He racked up 2,673 yards and 19 touchdowns in 3 years with the Eagles. At 6’3 212lbs, Matthews is a bigger slot option that provides a bigger throwing window. He can run routes as well. Albeit on a one year deal, he is working hard to gain the trust of Tom. He maybe the top option to replace JE11.
  2. Braxton Berrios– The 5’9 shifty slot from the University of Miami is a viable option to fill the JE11 role. Selected in the 6th, Berrios offers quick feet, burst in & out of routes, and sticky hands. The margin for error is smaller due to his diminutive size, but Brady spent 6 years terrorizing defenses with the similar statured Wes Welker. Keep your eyes on the former Hurricane receiver, this suspension maybe music to Braxton’s ears.
  3. Phillip Dorsett– The second former Hurricane standout, Dorsett is definitely the fastest of the three options. Dorsett was a part of the trade that shipped Jacoby Brissett to the Colts. It was an up-hill battle for the entire 2017 season. Brady never found a rhythm or faith in Dorsett. He is a speedy receiver with improved routes. This is the perfect time to fight for a roster spot and earn the trust of TB12.
  4. Chris Hogan– The former lacrosse turned playoff star in 2017 has experience in the slot. Tom trusts Hogan, which the is the biggest component of producing in the Patriots offense. Hogan runs solid routes & displays sneaky speed. He can fill the Edelman void for a bit, he isn’t as explosive or shifty by any means. He is a solid option if they need him to step into that role.


The Patriots charged their way to SB 52 last season without him, but they must find a reliable substitute for the first four games. The receiver battle in training camp just gained a bit more importance & coverage.


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