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No Cooks, No Heat??

by Damian Parson
No Cooks, No Heat??

No Cooks, No Heat??


No Cooks, No Heat??


The New Orleans Saints have produced one of the hottest offenses in the league. Under the controls of Head Coach Sean Payton and Quarterback Drew Brees, this offense has consistently been dynamic. Drew has thrown for 5,000 plus yards 5 times in his career, showing he can get it done regardless of his supporting cast.

Next man up?

Back in March, the Saints traded away their “Best” receiver Brandin Cooks, to the New England Patriots. Cooks was the heat in the Saints kitchen. So how can you cook with no heat (Pun intended)? He was the dynamic play maker the Saints have lacked since Kenny Stills and Devery Henderson. Last year Cooks led the team in yards per reception and had the longest pass with a 98 yarder in Week One. He amassed 366 of his 1,173 yards on go/fade/double moves. In an attempt to fill the inevitable void from Cooks’ trade, the team brought in speedy veteran wide out Tedd Ginn, who can barely be counted on to catch the ball. They also have faith in stud second year wide out Michael Thomas, who is a big-bodied possession receiver and slot machine Willie Snead as their chain mover. The question still remains, who will bring the HEAT?

Big Shoes to fill…

Cooks brings 4.33 speed, and that is blazing!!! Defenses must prepare for that type of heat on every play. One missed tackle or bad angle, and well…..you’re BURNT!!! That’s what I like to call HEAT!!! Though Cooks is small in stature, he brings a BIG play type of style!!! Entering the 2016 season, Cooks only trailed OBJ with 11 touchdowns over 30 yards, which shows his big play ability. While Cooks is catching passes this season from Tom Brady, the Saints still do not have a viable deep threat weapon (with consistent hands). See GIF below


Life after Cooks

The departure of Cooks can have a positive and negative effect on the rest of New Orleans playmakers. Pros: 1.) Michael Thomas can make his claim as a top tier receiver in the league this season and have more opportunities. 2.) Snead can see an increase in his role/productivity and may be able to increase his horrible touchdown ratio over his career this year. Cons: 1.) Teams do not have to focus on the long pass as much without Cooks but instead can focus more on the run game and intermediate routes. 2.) Ginn could be a failed Band-Aid experience after being brought in to replace the impact they received from Cooks. 3.) The run game could see more defenders to ensure the Saints are one-dimensional, even though they are.

Can Brees still be Brees?

In the eyes of some fans Cooks will not be missed, but this season will prove someone wrong (NOT ME). In no form am I saying the Saints offense won’t finish top 10, but they are missing the HEAT to cook (no pun intended) defenses deep. Brees will have this offense riding high regarding statistics, yards, etc. but No Cooks, No Heat!!!

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