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Is Laquon Treadwell Overrated???

by Jermaine Lockett


Mayock is Trippin!

“First-round talent from a talent perspective but not quite ready to start”. Something wrong with that statement? I’d say so. This was a statement mentioned on NFL Network from head prospect analyst Mike Mayock on Paxton Lynch’s Pro-Day. Why am I mentioning this? It is because I believe he is off his rocker. We’ve seen what bad reviews from Mayock do to draft stock. Vontaze Burlfict is a perfect example of that. Good thing the Cincinnati Bengals saw through the Mayock and gave the man a shot. Burlfict is now one of the premier LBs in football no thanks to Mayock’s verbal beatdown. Anyway, back to the lecture at hand.

The truth may sting…

Anyone with first-round talent SHOULD be considered a day one starter at the next level. It’s statements like the aforementioned from Mayock above, which led me to believe the draft guru was wrong on another prospect. That’s right folks. You’re hearing it here first. I believe Laquon Treadwell to be an absolute “bust” that has been overhyped by the media.

I get it, the Ole Miss product is in the SEC and they are supposed to be known for beastly defenses. For him to be able to produce 11 TDs against these alleged “tough as nails” defenses is supposed to be something of legend, but let’s take a look at his schedule and some of the defenses in them.

Quincy Who?!!!!!

One game I would like to point out in particular is the Florida game. Treadwell actually disappeared against the nations’ 8th ranked Florida Gator Defense. 1st round projection, Vernon Hargreaves III is not the reason for the terrible day. That accolade belongs to the #2 CB, Quincy Wilson. I know, Quincy who?!

Can you say schedule strength?

Sure he showed up for other games. This is a talented young man. However, the below defenses he faced from 2015 were not even ranked in the top-50.

  • Tennessee-Martin – 4-recs-44-yds-0-TDs
  • Fresno State – 5-recs-73-yds-0-TDs
  • New Mexico State – 8-recs-136-yds-2-TDs
  • Memphis – 14-recs-144-yds-1-TDs
  • Texas A&M – 5-recs-102-yds-1-TDs
  • Auburn – 7-recs-114-yds-1-TDs
  • Arkansas – 7-recs-132-yds-1-TDs
  • Mississippi State – 4-recs-22-yds-0-TDs
  • Oklahoma State – 6-recs-71-yds-3-TDs

I will give credit where credit is due. Treadwell produced a 5-80-1 TD statline against Alabama’s 3rd overall ranked D as well as 8-135-yds and no TDs against Vanderbilt’s 28th ranked D.

I’m not fully discrediting the work done above, but I am pointing out the fact that they he was basically the big kid in the backyard full of little, less talented kids.

In for a humbling…

Mike Mayock and the rest of the world may be blinded by this guy’s size, height and 11-TDs, but after looking at the tape on this Biletnikoff Award finalist, I see a guy who hasn’t met a challenge. Once he reaches the next level he will meet real corners who will say hello up close and personal at the snap. There won’t be many more free releases from the line. Especially with a slug-slow 4.65 40-time.

Even his draft profile speaks to his main weakness. This is straight from NFL.com

“…Struggled to free himself from press coverage against LSU’s Tre’Davious White and may have separation issues in pros against quick cornerbacks.”

But yall keep believing that this guy is the next “Dez Bryant” if you want to. Just remember when you’re heart gets broken in 2016, remember the Couch Rider Report told you so. Until then, I’ll just be over here sipping my tea with kermit.


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