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Is Michael Gallup the new no.1 for the Cowboys?

by Jermaine Lockett

Is Michael Gallup the new no.1 for the Cowboys?

Nothing with the Dallas Cowboys usually excites me or surprises me as a football fan. I usually hear the same old whoop of “this is our year!”, “five rings” and etc. However, with the current changes to the receiving corps this offseason, one has to wonder what the new blood brings. In with that blood may not be the “X” as Dez Bryant used to throw up but I believe Michael Gallup is about to be the “Z” that Dallas desperately needs to fill the void left by Bryant and Jason Witten.


There has been buzz from all around Dallas that Allen Hurns is going to be the number one WR. My opinion on this is Hurns was not even the number two WR in Jacksonville in 2016 and 17 due to being beat-out by Marquise Lee. The former Jaguar has been known to drop big passes in clutch situations.

Here’s a better option

Gallup has nothing but reliable throughout his collegiate career. The former Colorado State Ram amassed 176 catches for 2690 yards and 21-TDs in only 13 games.

When we think about a “Z” receiver’s role, you’re looking at a guy who can operate between the hashes and that can go in motion before the snap. The “X” should be able to stretch the field while the “Z” works underneath. Some believe newly acquired Tavon Austin can be played all over the field in what Rotoworld believes to be the league’s sorriest receiving corps. However, we all know that Tavon Austin, Allen Hurns, and Deonte Thompson only excel in their ability to stretch the field. Gallup will thrive because of this observation. The rookie has already established some connection with signal caller Dak Prescott.  According to DallasCowboys.com:


Gallup has “found ways to generate space” and has been a reliable pass-catcher when thrown to. The Colorado State alum will have a good opportunity in year one following the offseason departures of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.


Much needed element

When you look at the WR corps of Dallas initially, you’ll begin to think mostly speed but the 6’1” 200lbs rookie brings a tough grinding mentality when it comes to the craft. He will be the replacement for the production of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, helping to work the team down the field. I know this is a big prediction but I am looking at the TE corps of Dem Boyz and I honestly do not see much.  Dak Prescott has a lot of growing to do without the help of Witten and I truly believe this year’s third-round-pick is the answer.


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