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Top Tier QBs- Getty

Top Tier QBs- Getty


Go ahead and laugh! I saw comments about my last FF post, questioning my credibility. You can read that here. I’ll just let you know you’re not going to get a bland perspective here. I want you to take chances to get on top of the competition. If that means taking the best TE in football at pick 6, make it so. Anyway, I know a few of you are waiting on this post to prepare for your draft. I will get to the defenses after this one, but now we are focusing on the signal-callers. I’ll focus on the top 5 guys and then give you a few late rounders that you may be able to snatch up and ball with.

Lamar Jackson

There’s no real secret here. The 2019 MVP will get you money on the ground and in the air. I truly believe that picking this guy up anywhere between pick 9-22 is going to pay off big. Racking up almost 31 PPG is definitely a good reason to pick up this year’s Madden cover guy. Don’t let the soft tissue issue fool you. He’s ready to rock, week 1. Also, don’t wait too long to grab him, or you will be in pain whatever week you face him.

Patrick Mahomes

Yes, the Superbowl MVP is extremely important in fantasy. The newest Co-Owner of the KC Royals is balling in fantasy. While he missed time due to a dislocated patella, the sensational half-billionaire still knocked out a 4000+ yard season. He has plenty of weapons; grabbing one of them is vital if you plan to stay relevant in your league. You can probably grab PH in the first to second round anywhere from pick 11-25. If he slips past this, please let me know. I am joining your league.

Dak Prescott

Everyone was probably wondering where I was going at three. I‘m sorry if this confused you or even pissed you off. Stay with me! Dak had an excellent season putting up 25.9 PPG. With a new shiny toy in Cee Dee lamb in the huddle, this offense will soar. Don’t be surprised if all three of Dem Boyz end up being fantasy gold this season, and it’s because Dak will go aerial again this year. People still don’t believe in the franchise-tagged player and leave his ADP to somewhere in the 5th round.

DeShaun Watson

Did you miss out on Lamar Jackson? No worries, here is a guy that can still put up great numbers because of his dual-threat abilities. Watson got you 40 extra points (standard leagues) on the ground that you may not have expected last season. Don’t worry about missing the production from his top-dog DeAndre Hopkins. D-Wat likes his burners and loves launching to guys like Brandon Cooks and if healthy, Will Fuller. You may be lucky enough to scoop this guy up at the back end of round 5.

Ben Roethlisberger

Yes, he’s back! No, there’s no AB. But Pittsburgh has been known to pop out talented WRs left and right. Ben threw for over 5000 yards in 2018, but was sidelined in 2019, with an elbow injury. Look for Big Ben and Diontae Johnson to be the new connect in Pittsburgh and the next 1200 receiver. Yes, I said it. They throwing all over the yard, pick up Ben in the middle to back of the 11 round in most 10-12 man formats.

Ok, there’s your obvious top 5, but here are the guys you may want to snatch up.

Russell Wilson

We all know what this guy is capable of on the ground and in the air. I always refer to his form of play as “Back-yard-ball”. The Wilson-Lockett connection is going to get even better this season. Adding another year with the Bully DK Metcalf doesn’t hurt either. Wilson had 382 FPS last season and will top that number this year. Look for Mr. Wilson to be available at the back of round 4. 30+TDs each year since 2017? Nuff said!

Baker Mayfield

He had a bad season last year, costing fantasy players 42 points in interceptions in 2019. Look for him to turn it around this year with a fully healthy OBJ and Landry combined with a pissed off David Njoku and Austin Hooper in the fold. He has arguably the number two back in the league in his backfield. Play action is going to get this Browns’ offense racking up the points in 2020. Look for Baker to still be on the shelves around the middle of round 9.

Carson Wentz

If you find a guy in round 8 who is putting up 4000-yards a season, please consider that a steal and scoop them up. With all of the burners in this offense, look for the Eagles’ lead guy to throw more than 22-yards per game.

Kyler Murray

If you missed out on the early mobiles, then you are still in luck. This guy runs like he broke something in the house, and his parents found out. Imagine an excellent passer who could get you an extra 50+points that weren’t expected? Kyler’s targets are almost unfair. Legend Larry Fitzgerald and the 99 rated hands Nuke are a combination worth salivating over. The 2019 rookie of the year should be available around round 5-6.

Gardner Minshew II

Uncle Rico is not the flashiest of players, but with a second year of gelling with the third-year player, D.J. Chark, they are bound to hook up for more than their small 20 FPS per game.

Look, you know most of the names; Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, A-A-ron, and of course, the Goat. If you lose out on the guys above, don’t miss out on these. I wish you all luck in your draft. I’ll try to get to defenses before the season starts.

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