Why the Eagles are taking Laremy Tunsil…NOT Wentz.

Updated: April 22, 2016
Laremy Tunsil


Let’s take a minute, to discuss this absurd trade between the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles just gave up their:

2016 First Round Selection

2016 Third Round Selection

2016 Fourth Round Selection

2017 First Round Selection

2018 Second Round Selection

All to move 6 spots to number 2 in this year’s draft.  Now everyone has them taking a Quarterback at 2, because why else would you move that far up, if it wasn’t for the most important position on any team?

Method behind the Madness

Here’s why:  Jason Peters is 34 years old.  Granted he’s one of the best in the league at Left Tackle, but how long can that sustain?  He’s aging and isn’t going to be around forever.  So, what are the Eagles doing?  Everyone knows Left Tackle is one of the most important positions on offense other than QB.

Already expensive QBs in house

The Eagles just gave Sam Bradford a two-year 36 million dollar deal as well as a Chase Daniel three-year 21 million dollar deal.  Does that sound like a team ready to trade their future for a chance at a second hand quarterback who doesn’t even rank the best in this year’s draft?

LT vs CB/S

Laremy Tunsil:  He’s the best prospect in this draft and everyone had him going at number one, until the Tennessee Titans traded their pick to the Los Angeles Rams. Now what do the San Diego Chargers need, a great player at Safety in Jalen Ramsey?  Sounds great but it doesn’t help protect Philip Rivers.  Given the chance the Chargers were most likely to take Tunsil over Ramsey, to solidify that offensive line.  Does Jason peters being 34 years old mean the Eagles are willing to trade away so much, to get the replacement they’d love to have?  Nobody really knows.

If it don’t make dollars…

However, drafting a quarterback at two and having three QBs on the roster, eating up 54 million in guaranteed money in one year doesn’t make sense.

Honestly, the Eagles gave up way too much to move, when they have needs in other places.  The eighth overall pick still wields great value, especially when you consider Ezekiel Elliott is in play.  Let’s be fair to the front office, before we decide who they’re going to pick before it happens.. I still think Howie Roseman is going to shock a lot of people with his selection at number two.

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  1. broncossuckdick

    April 23, 2016 at 12:35 am

    This is a garbage speculation piece by an ignorant no talent hack.

    • Jermaine Lockett

      April 26, 2016 at 1:40 am

      The person who wrote this is one of our brightest NFL analysts. Your opinion is yours but take the hate out of it. Great work Andrew!

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