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Eagles Mock Draft 1. …I’m Not Doing Another

by EUGENE Holt
Eugene Eagles' Mock

Eagles Mock Draft 1. …I’m Not Doing Another

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my one and only Eagles Mock draft article! I would be like everyone else and do a billion Mock drafts, but I’d rather let the offseason play out. I get a better feel for the team that way.
First, I should explain my views on certain positions and what I think is going on:

1. I’m not necessarily drafting every round to fill an immediate hole. I’m looking to build a position with longevity and continuity.
2. I’m taking contract situations into account. What will the position look like in 2-3 years?
3. I’m going along with Howie Roseman’s mandate of adding team speed and versatility.
4. Looking at the offensive makeup, I value speed, separation, and route running receivers over possession/jump ball/contested-catch receivers.
5. The young guys on this team need to sink or swim, show and prove, put up or shut up, or whatever other cliche quotes that apply.

*Spoiler* No trades because I’m not Tradestradomus!
Now here we go…

21 – Jalen Reagor WR TCU 5’10 197

I’m sure you’ve heard already that this 2020 WR class is pretty darn good. The Eagles will have their choice of good receivers. It’s more “pick your flavor” than who is better than who. Each guy brings a different skill set. For this mock, I went with Jalen Reagor because for this Eagles offense. I want speed, route running, and run-after-the-catch ability. Reagor has the potential for all 3.
Other WRs I’d be absolutely fine with: Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk

53 – Darrell Taylor DE Tennessee 6’4 267

This is probably considered a reach by many, but Taylor has all the athletic traits that you want from a pass rusher. Granted, he is raw, but once technique catches up to physical ability. Look out!
Other DEs I’d be absolutely fine with: Johnathan Greenard, Jabari Zuniga

103 – Troy Pride CB Notre Dame 5’11 193

With Darius Slay and a bunch of question marks at the CB position. Troy Pride would be a solid contender in the free for all for Slot CB and outside CB. With legit 4.4 speed, quick feet and hips that allow him to stay in phase, Pride has all the physical tools to develop into a starter on defense.
Other CBs I’d be absolutely fine with: Darnay Holmes, Amik Robertson

127- Robert Hunt OL Louisiana-Lafayette 6’5 323

The Eagles favor versatility in their offensive linemen, and Hunt has just that, along with his natural physical ability. Hunt has experience at Tackle and Guard on both sides of the offensive line. With his strength and adequate agility, Hunt is the ideal depth piece.
Other OL I’d be absolutely fine with: Hakeem Adeniji, Matt Peart, Charlie Heck

145 – Darnell Mooney WR Tulane 5’10 176

More speed for the offense. Mooney offers 4.3 deep-speed as well as upside as a route runner. Even though he’s undersized, his solid release at the line of scrimmage allows him to play outside, and his stand out leaping ability will enable him to win against taller defenders.
Other WRs I’d be absolutely fine with: Quartney Davis, Jeff Thomas, Trishton Jackson

146 – Justin Strnad LB Wake Forest 6’3 230

He’s exactly what the position calls for in this new NFL that is dictated by speed. Strnad shows excellent sideline to sideline range along with old school striking ability. The Eagles value 3-down Linebackers and Strnad fits the mold.
Other LB I’d be absolutely fine with: Akeem Davis Gaither, Willie Gay, Shaun Bradley

168 – L’jarius Sneed CB/S Louisiana Tech 6’0 192

Speed and versatility. That’s what Howie wants, that’s what Howie gets here. Sneed played 3-seasons at CB and one at Safety. His 4.3 speed allows a defensive coordinator to shuffle him between positions, ensuring the best matchup.
Other Safety I’d be absolutely fine with: Shyheim Carter, Julian Blackmon, Terrell Burgess

190 – Davion Taylor LB Colorado 6’0 228

Another in the growing list of LB/S hybrids. Taylor combines the speed and lateral agility of a Safety with the size and tackling ability of a LB. While extremely raw, Taylor offers immediate special teams help and upside as an ideal overhang defender (We call it the Malcolm Jenkins role).
Other LBs I’d be absolutely fine with: Tanner Muse

So that’s the draft. In my version, I’ve added depth to the offensive line, more competition to the CB position, immediate help at WR, and talent at DE. Also, I’ve added developmental pieces to supplement declining players and short term contracts.

For extra credit, here are some guys that probably won’t get drafted but would be worth a look as a UDFA.
Tavien Feaster RB South Carolina 5’11 225 – Power RB with speed and receiving ability.
Johnathan Johnson WR Missouri 5’8 180 – electric speed, slot WR
Levonta Taylor CB/S Florida State 5’9 180 – 5-star athlete out of high school. Twitchy athletic Nickel defender.
There we go! I’ve done it! This is my first and last Mock! What do you think?

Eugene Holt is a Writer for Couch Rider Report. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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