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Eagles Across the Pond Recap, Thoughts and Analysis

by EUGENE Holt

Is it wrong to not be super excited about this win?
Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win is a win…
But if Jacksonville WR DJ Chark doesn’t drop a pass in the endzone, I’m probably writing a totally different story.
But we’ll get to that…

The good stuff

Another game, another passer rating over 100 for Carson Wentz. The kid is phenomenal. The turnovers tho……smh. On the interception, it was just like last week where Carson wants to play hero ball and win everything on one down. Your 3rd string TE was already covered, and you got Jalen Ramsey peeling off of Nelson Agholar looking for the pick…..bad decision by Carson right there. But his good outweighs his bad by a longshot. Like in the 2nd quarter, 3rd down Carson is getting tackled, his legs are being wrapped up, and somehow he throws the ball on a rope to Jordan Matthews for the first down. There’s only a handful of QB’s that can make that throw.

Good ol’ Doug

Doug made some smart adjustments. First, after having Nelson Agholar running nothing but horizontal routes for no yards last week, he sends Nelson up the field. His best playing being a long pass where Jacksonville was in a zone defense, and nobody could keep up with Nelson running through the zones. Nelson Agholar averaged 16 yards per catch; He had an excellent game.
With Jason Peters hurt again and Lane Johnson down, the Eagles were struggling for bodies up front. Shuffling the LG to RT, backups at LT and LG means the pressure is coming. To combat that the Eagles started moving the pocket, taking advantage of Wentz’s mobility and causing confusion on that Jacksonville defensive line. The best example of that was the TD to rookie TE Dallas Goedert. The whole offensive line pulled right along with Carson rolling right, then Goedert sneaks out the left on a wheel route. They also ran the ball more effectively and set up play action.

Speaking of running the ball…

Josh Adams is the best running back on this roster. Corey Clement is a hometown guy and a fan favorite, but not someone you want carrying the ball a ton; he’s a backup. The same goes for Smallwood; Wendell’s fine running in a straight line, but if a play actually requires the RB to have vision, he’s screwed. Not saying Adams is the next great anything, but he’s the best option. I’ve been screaming for new RB for two years, and I will continue my crusade this offseason lol

On defense…

Chris Long just gets it done. Two sacks today, and he been getting after it all year. Fletcher beasted as usual. Pencil him in as All-Pro DT right now. Michael Bennett was creating pressure all game long.
Every time a player gets hurt and Rasul Douglas has to come in, and the opposing team tests him with a deep pass; it never works. Rasul came in and played solid like he usually does
Avonte Maddox is your new starter at Safety. Leave him there and watch him flourish. Excellent play by him stopping the run on 3rd & 1, all 5’9 184 pounds. Then coming back and forcing a fumble. He’s already shown decent range with that 4.3 speed of his. Just watch as he gains experience.
Darby made a tackle; the keyword being “a.”

On the downside…

Fundamentals are lacking. Blocking and tackling is the basis of the game. I need my MLB to wrap up when he tackles. On 3rd down the Eagles could have gotten off the field but Hicks went for the hit instead of the tackle. As a result, the receiver kept his balance and ran for the first down.
As far as blocking is concerned, for the 3rd week in a row Wendell Smallwood has gotten his QB trashed because he can’t block. Jaguars came on a blitz, Smallwood got disrespected as he got run over. I’ve seen tackling dummies put up a better fight.
On another blitz the Jags had five players at the line of scrimmage. Center Jason Kelce knew somebody was coming, just not who. He had a choice, turn right or turn left; Kelce chose wrong, and that’s how you get an unblocked rusher knocking down your QB.
Situational awareness: you are defending your goal line, and you have a blitz on, why are you biting on underneath stuff Malcolm Jenkins? Can’t fall for the double move in that situation.

A win is a win is a win is a win…..they’re figuring some things out, making some adjustments. But they’re so banged up. The bye couldn’t have come at a better time.

Eugene Holt is a Writer for Couch Rider Report. Follow us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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