Draft Profiles: Anthony Miller

Updated: December 9, 2017

Draft Profiles: Anthony Miller

College Football is the clear and only pipeline to the NFL. It is filled with thousands of talented young men that dream of playing at the next level. Only 1.5% of those players become pro football players. Every draft has positions that are deeper than others, some believe this is a quarterback class and others believes it is a running back class. Let’s not forget about those “DIVAS” the pretty boy receivers. They are loaded with depth and talent, I want to shine the light on some of these pass catchers. Here is my scouting report!!

Anthony Miller, Wide receiver, Memphis

Height-Weight: 5’11 190 lbs.

Film reviewed: UCLA (2017), UConn (2017)

The Good: The Memphis receiver is a mature, polished player heading into the 2018 draft. He has strong hands when securing the catch and will not drop many passes. He is an intelligent player with a great feel for zones and spacing. Miller is shifty and slippery with the ball in his hands. He is a natural playmaker and has moves to be a dangerous weapon with yards after the catch. Miller is a good route runner, with the ability to set up defenders with subtle head fakes and jab steps. His ability to create separation puts pressure on defenders at the line of scrimmage, because you cannot give him a free release. As a former walk on, he has an enormous chip on his shoulder and that brings a fiery competitive attitude.

The Bad: Although he plays bigger than his physical appearance, questions remain about his size. Scouts are worried he won’t be able to withstand the punishment at the next level. He needs to continue perfecting his techniques vs press coverage. Miller is not the fastest receiver either, he is more quick than fast. I believe his play speed/athleticism is better than his combine test will show. He has number one receiver potential, but he does seem to be more effective in the slot than outside the numbers. It raises red flags on whether is truly is a number one option.


Pro Comparison: Ceiling: Antonio Brown Floor: Sterling Shepard

Like the above mentioned receivers, Miller is a smaller receiver with incredible skill. The speed, quickness, route running, and intelligence makes these guys so good. Like Brown and Shepard, Miller may wind up slighted due to size limitations. The eye test shows the similarities in their games, the moment I turned on the tape I saw brown. Miller can become a true dual/versatile threat like Antonio Brown, or a very good slot machine like Sterling Shepard.


Team Fits: Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills

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