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Draft Profile: Derrius Guice

by Damian Parson


College Football is the clear and only pipeline to the NFL. It is filled with thousands of talented young men that dream of playing at the next level. Only 1.5% of those players become pro football players. Every draft has positions that are deeper than others, some believe this is a quarterback class and others believe it is a running back class. Here is my scouting report!!

Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

Height-Weight: 5’11 215 lbs

Film reviewed: Ole Miss (17) ND (17) BYU (17)

The Good: Guice is NICE!! He is a blue-collar hardnosed individual. His running style is old school, supplying an aggressive downhill attack. He is a violent kid that seeks to kill and destroy smaller defenders. The former LSU Tiger is a three-down back at the next level with his ability to pass protect and catch the football. He adds special teams value, with his experience as a kick returner. He has good vision, he scans the line of scrimmage as he receives the handoff for the right hole to pursue. His patent stiff arm helps him break away after contact to go the distance. In the red zone, Guice finds pay dirt and will put points on the board.



The Bad: Although he has some long runs at LSU, I do not believe he possesses the top end breakaway speed for the NFL. I will wait until the combine to review his 40 times. He has good footwork but is not very elusive in open field. Guice will run over, stiff arm, or run by a defender before he puts on a highlight show of elusive juke moves. With his physical running style, he will be open to injuries. He dealt with a nagging knee injury this past season. He will need to set aside his pride and simply run out of bounds sometimes.


Pro Comparison: Doug Martin/Mark Ingram

Round 1-3: Guice has the size and abilities to be selected in the first round with fellow running back Saquon Barkley. There are a few teams that need a physical playmaker in the backfield and Guice maybe the answer.


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