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Draft Profile: Courtland Sutton

by Damian Parson



College Football is the clear and only pipeline to the NFL. It is filled with thousands of talented young men that dream of playing at the next level. Only 1.5% of those players become pro football players. Every draft has positions that are deeper than others, some believe this is a quarterback class and others believes it is a running back class. Let’s not forget about those “DIVAS” the pretty boy receivers. They are loaded with depth and talent, I want to shine the light on some of these pass catchers. Here is my scouting report!!


Courtland Sutton, Wide receiver, SMU

Height-Weight: 6’4 216 lbs.

Film reviewed: North Texas (2017), Connecticut (2017), and Tulsa (2017)

The Good: An explosive big play wide receiver. Courtland possesses the prototypical size for an X receiver in a pro-style system. He has the build and length that will create immediate migraines for defenses in the red zone. He contains the speed necessary to be a reliable down field threat. His speed is buildup rather than immediate separation. The mustang receiver is a solid route runner considering his size, but his route tree is limited due to the offense. Sutton has a great feel for contested throws and he suddenly becomes Andre Drummond with the ball in the air. He is physically imposing with a knack for gaining yards after the catch.


The Bad: As stated above, Sutton’s speed has to buildup and that hurts his effectiveness vs press coverage. He needs to improve hand usage and release techniques to overcome that issue. A quicker release can definitely help create separation and allow his explosive ability to shine. He will need to work on and become comfortable with the pro style route tree. There are more routes besides, screens, hitches, go and crossing patterns.


Pro Comparison: Demaryius Thomas is the ideal comp for Sutton, The former Georgia Tech receiver has a similar build and traits. Like Sutton, Thomas is very capable of running screen plays with great effectiveness and has the ability to take them the distance. Both players have buildup speed and takes time working off press coverage. Thomas has elevated his game since college and is a Super bowl champion. Sutton definitely has a high ceiling at the next level, but it will take some hard work and patience.



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