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Draft Profile: Greg Dortch

by Jermaine Lockett
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Draft Profile: Greg Dortch

Getting back into the swing of things can be rough, but we are going to do it anyway. My colleagues have been pushing all season to give you what you need, and they continue to push as we reach the combine. I am here to provide you with that original sports perspective as well. I believe the pundits have done a solid job putting their list together of the country’s top WRs based on big schools. However, they missed a few smaller football schools, and I will point them out in the next few days. Today, we focus on a WR I believe that has been overlooked when viewing the average pundit’s top-5. Greg Dortch is going to be a name coaches bang the table for this year’s draft.


If I had to describe this exceptional player, I would say he reminds me of Victor Cruz in his first year of play in the NFL. The 5’9” 170 lbs receiver really knows how to make defenders miss. Between his fearless ability to go across the middle and his elusiveness the Richmond, VA Native racked up 142-catches for 1800-yards and 17-TDs over two seasons. Dortch is a guy I would not want my team to face. I mean look at what he does do defenders after the catch.


Slots are Golden

After watching the Super Bowl, you should realize now how vital slot receivers are to this game. Julian Edelman has been a respected slot receiver for years and had a pretty solid day as he took home MVP honors with ten receptions for 141-yds in the dance. There’s no substitute for a good chain mover no matter the size. Dortch is just the guy for any franchise looking to work inside the numbers for nice gains from a west coast style offense. Sure he has the speed to roast a defender but any QB who throws a check down hopes for more than the yards that he threw it. In other words, we’re looking at another YAC monster who is clearly going to destroy any LB in coverage and give slot corners hell.

Oh but wait there’s more!

Not only is this guy a dangerous slot receiver but he is also known as “The Magician” in the return game. Check out this tape one of his magnificent returns. The attribute that excites me the most about this young talent is his balance. I encourage you to watch the tape on him and look how even after contact he manages to stay upright.


Knock Knock

My only knock on Dortch is his weight. Going to the next level of play means bigger hits. No 3 may be elusive but eventually he will be hit. If he can pack on about 15 more lbs and still maintain the speed, we’ll be looking a premiere receiver within a year or two.

The best fit for guys like this are:

Los Angeles Rams: Cooper Kupp went down with a season-ending injury, and Jared Goff’s production went with it. Dortch could definitely give the team the boost to actually get the job done this time in the SB.

Philadelphia Eagles: Nelson Agholor is going to get a nice payday this season. He is due nine million dollars in 2019. The problem is according to rotoworld.com, not a penny of it is guaranteed unless he gets injured. Is he worth bringing back when you can find a young buck like this former ACC standout for cheap?

Pittsburgh Steelers: This is a team in need of a #2 being that JuJu Smith Schuster will be the #1 with the headache, Antonio “Mr. Big Chest” Brown gone via trade soon. Steel-Town is very successful at replenishing their WR corps with talented youth, and this would be a key opportunity to do just that.

There are many others with a need, but these are the main three on my mind at the moment. Someone is going to cash in will it be your squad who makes the call?

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