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Did DK make a good case for starting last night?

by Jermaine Lockett
Did DK make a good case for starting last night?

Did DK make a good case for starting last night?

Was the sample size of DK Metcalf enough to make a case for being a day one starter? With Doug Baldwin gone, Russell Wilson is going to need a new starter to line up opposite of my cousin, Tyler Lockett when the season starts. The physical standout had his first preseason action in the first half of Thursday night’s preseason game as the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Denver Broncos.

Opportunities missed

I saw one nice 8-yard catch early in the first quarter. The route was a simple fundamental comeback route. However, when it came to using the body to shield off a defender he clearly towered over on a third-down play, I was not impressed.  The play looked as if there could have been more effort given by the rookie. Geno Smith even gave the second-round pick a shot to make a big play from a deep shot at the beginning of the second quarter but to no avail. DK could not bring in the goods. The former Ole Miss player had one more toward the end of the second quarter, but it may have been slightly overthrown.

Thriving off of the hype

Pete Carroll was very excited bringing Metcalf into the fold, and I believe it was because of D.K.’s physical stature. We saw evidence of this when Carroll decided to take his shirt off to mimic DK’s chiseled figure in jest. We can also be convinced that the college tape and combination internet memes and an excellent combine were the reasons as to why DK was drafted. But let’s be honest Thursday night’s display was not near the explosiveness we as fans were looking for out of the second-round pick.

“Show them who you are!”

Queen Ramonda (Think Black Panther) said it best. 50/50 ball is what they brought this guy in for, and that is what we would like to see him winning. I get it, Geno Smith has about as much talent as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, but the rook needs to make the best out of the opportunities given to him.

Others on the roster are waiting on their opportunity to shine as well like Jazz Ferguson. Ferg had 4-catches for 54-yards and a “Tuddy”, last night. With limited time, showing that type of production will start to open doors in the next few games.

Jaron Brown and David Moore are no slouches either. They will eat into the action come next week against the Minnesota Vikings.

The former Rebel may want to look over his shoulder if he plans to keep the current spot his media fame has earned him.


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