Did DeCosta’s Draft Please One Particular Ravens Fan This Year?

Updated: May 2, 2019
DeCosta's Draft

Did DeCosta’s Draft Please One Particular Ravens Fan This Year?

As a Ravens fan and extreme skills position fan, excitement and joy were in the air this year, as I knew exactly what Ravens’ new GM Eric DeCosta’s goal was in the 2019 NFL Draft. We had our eyes on playmakers as fans. We all were checking out every YouTube video we could find on WRs and RBs we felt would make this team explosive and give Lamar Jackson the boost needed to take his game to a whole new level. Our countless hours of tweeting and FB’ing trash talk to our peers about who was better than who at the positions we desired paid off. It is not like it would have had any factor in the mix anyway. Let’s call it a “W” anyway. Before I start with what our squad drafted, I wanted to brag about what we did not and throw shade at the twitter bums who thought these guys were first-round talent.

Hakeem Butler

This guy was constantly praised up and down about how he’s a first-round talent and how he’s the next “LeBron” by bums who’s names don’t deserve mentioning in such a sacred place as Couch Rider Report. Just because the guy was from Maryland and had a fantastic story about resiliency does not mean he was made for the Ravens to draft him first round. Kyler Murray now has a nice set of receivers that Butler might get lost in on the depth chart, to be honest. Oh well, wish the 4th round pick luck until we play of course.

JJ Arcega-Whiteside

Now while this guy’s tape was fun to watch and he’ll definitely help the Eagles. This article is simply set up to poke fun at dummies who said he’d go off the board in the first round. JJAW’s talent level will be fun to watch if he can rise up the depth chart beyond Agholor. JJAW was drafted with the 57TH overall selection which was in the second round.

Riley Ridley

No real surprise here. We knew this guy had talent, but nothing on the level of his brothers and yet pundits had him tied to the Ravens in plenty of mocks due to us missing on Calvin last year. Hopefully, this young 4th round pick can use those genes to help DA Bears.

Hunter Renfrow

Last but not least, the discussion on this guy caused me headache after headache because twitter folk had him with the Ravens at 22! The guy went 127 selections later in the 5th round. We all know it’s not where you land but what you do with where you are planted but come on! There are a few of you that need to throw your analysis in the trash.

Here is what we did draft at WR:

Marquise Brown

I’m sitting at Hooters when it all went down. I’m thinking “A.J. or N’Keal. Please A.J. or N’Keal” as we were on the clock after trading back to secure more picks. Last year inside “Jerry’s World”, I remember being disappointed briefly after the Ravens selected Hayden Hurst until looking at the tape. I also remember storming out of the stadium and then leaping for joy in the car as I hear we traded back into the first to get Lamar Jackson.  This year, my friends saw once again my brief look of disappointment because I was so focused on the big bodies WRs of the draft. I forgot all about the guy who got both Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray a Heisman! I was blown away after going into his tape for the second time. Ravens got a second Lamborghini to go along with “Lambo Lamar.” So yes, I am very pleased with this year’s first round selection.

Miles Boykin

After watching the tape on this Tinley Park Native, balance is his main strength. I loved what he does after the catch. Big bodies were what I was hoping for in the first, but it appears in DeCosta I need to trust because he got the 9th fastest WR in the draft with notable size in the third round. What a solid pick.

I’ll admit, I was star-struck by the phenom D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown. Neither of which went in the first either, so I can admit defeat there. But as long as we didn’t get the four guys above and had a bigger chance to miss like we usually have in the past with WR talent, I’m good. Raven 4 life CAW CAW!


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