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Are Da Bears set at WR?

by Jermaine Lockett
Da Bears' Top WR

Are Da Bears set at WR?

Fantasy owners, I appreciate you coming back for another dose of original sports perspective. Now that Da Bears have sent Victor Cruz packing and Cameron Meredith is more than likely out of the picture indefinitely in Chicago, is there any reason to give Chicago even the least bit of a look for a WR1? Survey says…Yes! Kevin White is about to turn Chicago out like a sugar deprived kid introduced to Kool-aid for the first time; OH YEAHHH!!!

Go ahead and doubt

In all seriousness, this is the sleeper of picks that you should be able to pull out of waiver wires. No one will see this coming because they will be too busy gushing over their current lineup. I get the fact that White has had a limited amount of production due to injury but you should know this, whether it is “Mr. Biscuit” Mitch Trubisky, “The Butt Fumbler” Mark Sanchez or “McGlennon” Mike Glennon throwing White the ball, you best believe he is the clear Number One in Chi-Town. He is looking at at least six to seven receptions per game and in PPR leagues; that will be huge.

Khari Thompson of dawindycity.com is a believer as well. He had this to say:

“One thing seems clear, though; if the Chicago Bears want to find out what he is, then it’s time to start throwing him the ball. A lot. And more than that, it’s time to take the training wheels off of him and truly treat him like the featured pass-catcher in the Bears offense.”

Now or never

Sure, the former first round pick caught two of four catches in his latest preseason game, but one of those was almost a touchdown. Please remember it is just preseason and that Da Bears don’t want to break their toy before the season starts. We know it is a “poop or get off the pot” type of year for the former Virginia star WR; this is exactly why I encourage you to buy-in to the hype. Let’s take a look at the competition.

Da Bears' Top WR

Da Bears’ Top WR

The competition

Kendall Wright is a serviceable weapon for the Bears’ O in the slot. I think the pressure is off of the former Baylor player because of the departure of Victor Cruz. However, this guy is simply an inside WR. This team will be in need of a legit #1 WR on the outside; they’ll need someone who can climb the ladder and get the ball at its apex.

Markus Wheaton, Josh Bellamy, and Deonte Thompson are #3s at best. Although, an opportunity has opened up for them to shine as the outside position opposite White is open for grabs. However, none of the trio will come close to White’s potential.

I may have gotten a little jumpy when writing this article, because I may have snatched White up in the 13th round. At least it wasn’t as bold as the Hunter Henry 2nd overall selection by someone who I will not publicly shame by name. Are you ready for Week #1?

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