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CRR Fantasy: 5 Breakout WRs
CRR Fantasy: 5 Breakout WRs

CRR Fantasy: 5 Breakout WRs – Mike Morbeck-Flickr

CRR Fantasy: 5 Breakout WRs

We last left off with breakout Tightends. Of course, we need to keep the party going with the next position group breakouts. We are saving the QBs and RBs for last so let’s get into a few WRs who have great potential for the upcoming season. You don’t want to be left scratching you hear by the time Antonio Brown and Julio are off the board, do you? Good, then this list is for you.

5. The Hungry Little Jaguar…

This first breakout has been patient as the #3. With every opportunity he was given in 2016, he made the best of it. Marquise Lee is a guy that is not going to go off of draft boards immediately. However, for those of you who decided to go RB-QB heavy in the first eight round of the draft have this breakout as part of your plan. Sure his QB caught hell for having a sluggish year even though he finished ninth among QBs in fantasy scoring last season. However, Lee will beat out starter Allen Hurns at camp and work with Robinson as the number two. Be sure to grab this guy in the ninth round.

4. Somebody has to do it…

Very seldom do I put Ravens on any fantasy list other than Justin Tucker. Today is the anomaly. Joe Flacco found this 31 yr old vet 72 times for over 1000 yards last season. The addition of Jeremy Maclin is not going to affect this connection. Steve Smith Sr. has left the building, Dennis Pitta’s hip has forced him out of the picture permanently, Darren Waller, suspended for the year for substance abuse, Michael Campanaro (surprise surprise) is injured again, and I’m sorry I just don’t see Breshard Perriman filling the void. Wallace will have no choice but to step up and be the team’s number one.

3. You can’t just double T.Y…

Any player who comes out and scores 7-TDs in nine games deserves a shout-out. Donte Moncrief is more than just a secret weapon people use in Madden 17; He is a player on the cusp of a massive breakout. As much as I cannot stand Mr. Luck, he has too many weapons to make this an off year again like 2015 (due to injury). I see the 4th-year player coming off the board in the 7th round in most 12-man leagues.

2. May have already broke loose…

Another monster who is all about the paydirt, racking up 12-TDs in 2016 is Davante Adams. This type of production will lead up to a big payday next offseason. A-A-ron favored the former Fresno State player around the redzone in 2016. I expect similar production for the Packers’ number 2. With Cook leaving to the Oakland Raiders there is a lot of lost production in the hands department. Observe your fantasy board. This monster is going to go in the 5th or earlier.

1. More of a bounce back…

And the number one breakout monster WR in my book is someone who had a slip in 2016 but still almost broke the 1000-yd mark. Deandre Hopkins is not so much a breakout as a resurgent WR that should be picked up in the second round. Desean Watson is a winner; he knows how to utilize talent around him to make big plays. Hopkins is going to be on the end of a lot of those plays. Expect him to return to his 2015-11-TD form with ease. Brock Osweiler has relieved the city of Houston of his services and Hopkins will be the primary benefactor. Grab him early or pay dearly.

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