Chicago Bears

  • NFL Week 8 Picks

    The Crr Team has graciously brought you their weekly predictions. This competitive contest shall bring forth a winner for bragging rights when the season is over. Question is who will reign victorious?...

  • Da Bears' Top WR

    Are Da Bears set at WR?

    Are Da Bears set at WR? Is the team really content with going forward after releasing Victor Cruz? Who is the number 1? Can you even consider a WR option in...

  • Breakout TEs

    CRR Fantasy: 5 Tight End Breakouts

    The time is almost here. Pay your league fees but don't worry about magazines. Jermaine has you covered with CRR Fantasy: 5 Tight End Breakout.

  • Draft Picks Damian

    CRR: Damian’s Full First Round Mock Draft

    If you tuned in last, Damian gave you his Mock 1st 10 Draft Picks. Now he's going in on the rest of the first round.

  • Mock Draft

    Draft Time!!! Damian’s Top Ten

    It's that time of the year people. Time for the Mock Drafts. Damien has you covered with his TOP 10.

  • Jermaine- CRR Podcast couch money

    Fantasy Football – Couch Money or Dead Wrong

    If you didn't hear his predictions for week one, there is a reason. Listen and find out why. Is Jermaine Couch Money on? Or is he just dead wrong?

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