Cleveland Browns

  • NFL Week 8 Picks

    The Crr Team has graciously brought you their weekly predictions. This competitive contest shall bring forth a winner for bragging rights when the season is over. Question is who will reign victorious?...

  • Draft

    CRR Podcast: AFC North Draft thoughts

    When it comes to Original Sports Perspective, look no further than the Couch Rider Report. Tune into our latest podcast as Damian and I go in on the projections for the AFC...

  • Draft Picks Damian

    CRR: Damian’s Full First Round Mock Draft

    If you tuned in last, Damian gave you his Mock 1st 10 Draft Picks. Now he's going in on the rest of the first round.

  • Mock Draft

    Draft Time!!! Damian’s Top Ten

    It's that time of the year people. Time for the Mock Drafts. Damien has you covered with his TOP 10.

  • Jermaine- CRR Podcast couch money

    Fantasy Football – Couch Money or Dead Wrong

    If you didn't hear his predictions for week one, there is a reason. Listen and find out why. Is Jermaine Couch Money on? Or is he just dead wrong?

  • west-be-one-youtube

    Ravens vs Browns: West will be One

    When it comes to Terrence West, don't you want to know what his role will be in this offense? Jermaine explains in his latest.

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