Couch Change Podcast

  • 18 MPR Quarterly: End of season

    18 MPR Quarterly: End of season

    Tune in as we go through our Madden Connected Franchise Super Bowl, awards, other updates, and the Commissioner’s Choice Award. Are you this quarter's winner?

  • 18 MPR Quarterly: Weeks 1-4

    18 MPR Quarterly: Weeks 1-4 (Madden 18)

    Come and get it! It's finally here! 18 MPR Quarterly: Weeks 1-4. Where does your team stand? Jermaine explains all in his latest.

  • MPR Quarterly: Weeks 10-13

    MPR Quarterly: Weeks 10-13

    Here is a recap of weeks 10-13. Jermaine Lockett goes in on Quitters, top 10, bottom 10 and awards from the new CRR Studio in the latest MPR Quarterly: Weeks 10-13.

  • CRR Podcast: Patriots’ Training Camp Preview

    When you want Original Sports Perspective on the Patriots, Damian Parson is the man you turn to! Here is his latest on Patriots' Training Camp.

  • CRR Video Podcast: Wild AZ Cards

    CRR Video Podcast: Wild AZ Cards

    Today Jermaine Lockett chimes in the Arizona Cardinals QB of the future, or is he? Tune in and find out who I'm referring to.

  • Lockett podcast Colts Eagles

    CRR Video Podcast: Colts, Eagles and More

    Is Hooker the best thing since Ed Reed for the Colts? Does the celebration rule change mean more exciting TD dances? Are the Eagles kings of the NFC East? Well,...

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